System sensor fire alarm panel help...

I now own a System Sensor fire alarm panel. It’s basically a 4424 but instead of having 4 zones it only has 2 and is a release panel. I got it from FireAlarmDude5401 But I don’t know how to program it, can anyone help? I’m mainly trying to do walk test and Alarm Verification so that it doesn’t go off right away. Please help…

System Sensor doesn’t make fire alarm panels.

Can you post a photo, inside and outside?

System sensor does rebrand release panels.

I believe this is what you are looking for:

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have alarm verification or a walk test feature.

Yes, I will post pictures if you would like, And jjinc24; Oh, thanks for the info…

Wow, never heard of that. Learn something every day.

Oh and FYI, are you sure this is a relabeled 4424? That manual is for an agent releasing panel, not a fire alarm panel.
I’d still like to see a picture of it, if possible.

Here’s some information I wrote on a post in the Flea Market about the two panels:

MS-4424 and 4424B are a fire alarm panel and function like a fire alarm panel is expected to function. It has four zones and two NACs.

The releasing version has two fire detection zones, an abort zone, and a manual discharge zone, and two NACs and one relay to activate the agent release solenoid. The relay has a programmable time delay (10 - 30 seconds in 10 second intervals)

Here’s what’s different:

  1. When the panel is activated it goes into alarm and sounds NAC #1.
  2. When it receives an alarm from the other zone, it silences NAC #1 and activates NAC #2, and starts the delay timer.
  3. When the time runs out, the release relay activates, which would dump the system.
  4. If the Abort zone is activated during the time delay, it will halt the timer.
  5. If the manual discharge zone is activated, it will activate NAC #2 and the release relay at the same time.

Note that NAC #1 can be set to not silence. To use as a fire alarm panel, this should be done.

Actually, for this particular panel, some things are different:

Instead of one relay that would dump the system, there are two 24V non-power limited release circuits. There is, however, both an alarm relay and a trouble relay.

Secondly, the panel can be programmed to do one of two different things:

  1. Both indicating circuits (the NACs) will activate when an alarm is present in either zone. Output 2 (horn NAC) will pulse at 60ppm while the timer is running (or while the panel is frozen by abort). Upon completion of the timer, the system will dump and output 2 will sound steadily.

  2. Upon activation of one of the zones, output 1 will be activated. When the other zone is activated, output 1 will shut off and output 2 will start pulsing. Upon completion of the timer, the system will dump and output 2 will sound steadily.

Also, the abort zone doesn’t actually stop the timer, it just “pauses” it.

So for this particular version of the panel, if you would want to use it as a regular fire alarm panel, here’s what you would have to set on the DIP switches (located below the controls):

1: Off (Down)
2: Off
3: Off
4: Off
Switches 5 and 6 control the abort zone, so it wouldn’t really matter what you set them to.

All of the programming options are on pages 26-27 of the manual.

Something else to note is that the “Alarm Silence” button will shut off both NACs, so you couldn’t really silence the horn and keep the strobe going, unless you were to hook the strobe up to one of the release circuits, but since the release circuits are non-power limited, that probably wouldn’t be advisable (correct me if I’m wrong). I believe it’s also against the UL Power Limited Wiring Requirements (see page 15 in the manual).

I actually own one of these panels (rebranded by a different company, however) so I have been able to experiment with it a bit.

I’ve played with two of these as well, also rebranded.

What I said was how those panels behave; maybe yours is slightly different.

I got the panel from FireAlarmDude5401 and he claimed it was a System sensor panel. And sorry I have been delaying the photos NewAgeServer but I’m really busy but they should be up soon.

The model # of the panel is:
System Sensor PDRP-1001

Power limiting does not matter with signals, only with smoke detectors.

Thanks for clearing that up.