System Sensor MA/SS-24 Board Removal

Hey there! First post around here so…bear with me.

I recently got my hands on what seems to be a break-tab MA/SS-24 which is currently stuck in slow-whoop. I’m wanting to attempt modifying the board to try and give it the ability to change tones.

How I’ll do it? I ain’t got a clue how until I can get a better look at the board, but before I do, I was wondering a couple things if anyone could answer them for me…

  • Is it even possible to modify the board in such a way?
  • Is there a way to remove the board from the shell?

I’d honestly kinda like to know how to do this myself, as 4 out of the 6 MASSes I have are break-tab models & thus I can’t freely change the tones on them. I know one enthusiast (known as “Theaolguy” on Youtube) figured out a way to do so, I’m not exactly sure how he did it though.