System Sensor SP1W24110ADA Test Video

Figured I would share another video of a System Sensor speaker/strobe from the MASS era that I have, the SP1W24110ADA (from the SP100 series):

System Sensor SP1W24110ADA Fire Alarm Overview and Test - YouTube

This one, unlike my V4R2475ADA (from the V400 series), is a flush mount with a MASS strobe assembly attached to the front (in white as a bonus).

Did you buy those from a guy on ebay named “alarm source 1” ?

I have those same 2 alarms and got them from him. I HATE that seller though. I will never do business with him again.

Yes I did buy this and a few other items from alarmsource1. Thankfully, I didn’t have any problems with him when obtaining the alarm. I’ve had pretty good luck with sellers so far; I still have yet to have problems with any seller…hopefully not anytime soon.