System Tests Edwardsfan

Well, been a while since I have uploaded any system tests, but here are some I have been putting off for a bit!

-System test 2. I know in the video I say its system test 3 but it is really #2. Alarm is a Siemens U-HN, and Pull station a Notifier MP-283E.

-My new system test #1, version 1. This is the original video I made, only thing I forgot to do was test the heat detector. I also noted that I do say we don’t use 4 wire smokes here in Canada, but what I meant was that I have never seen it used yet. Alarms are a Mirtone mini horn, Mirtone 73201 Pull, Mirtone 73320 Heat, Mirtone 74303 Fire Bell, and a Mircom 1400A smoke detector.

-This is the 2.0 version of my new system test. In this one, I do a quicker walkthrough and test of the system, but I also test the heat detector.

-Here is the actual system test 3 lol. In this one, I try to replicate an old system I saw in a hospital. The alarms are an Edwards 339D chime, and an Edwards 275-C111 Pull station.

-Here’s an unboxing video I made a while back, it is of my new Edwards 881D-AW flush mount adaptahorn. One of my all time favourite alarms, up there with the 333D bells.

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Seems interesting/nice, however:
#1: What’s with the limited space around your demo board? The room it’s in seems like it’s packed with stuff.
#2: You mean to tell me that the switches on that panel are on the back of the door!?

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Here is my new system test #2! Everything in this system is now Mircom (besides the smoke). Devices are a Mircom MS-401 Pull station, Mircom FH-240 Horn and FHS-240 Horn/Strobe, Mircom W45-Y99F Heat and Potter PS smoke.

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  1. Just my small bedroom lol. At the moment, I live with my parents, as I’m trying to save up for my own house. We were also halfway through a renovation when COVID hit so stuff is all over the place. My basement is half filled with Fire alarm and my personal stuff, I’m trying to get a storage unit so I can move my massive collection and my unwanted stuff to it, till I get my own place.

  2. Yes! Next system test I make for that, I’ll have to show more of the inside of that panel, and get the board to a better location. Its just pretty heavy so why its in the corner of my room, kinda back to my answer with #1 lol. My old Edwards Flag Zone panel is actually behind that demo board as well:

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Here is system test #4!

Skip to 6:25 for the start of the action.

I’m also adding this unboxing video of some rare alarms I got in the mail earlier this year!