Target adding small unisex bathrooms for transgender people to use.

Target’s talking about adding small unisex bathrooms in its stores that don’t already have one for transgender people to use. Small one person unisex bathrooms are more dangerous. Someone can push someone in there and attack them, and because it’s a one person bathroom, no one will come in, see it, and try to stop them.

When I’m in the restroom I just want to do my business and leave, the biological gender of the other people in there with me is irrelevant. I’m not worried about other people’s business.

you can be attacked just as easily in a larger bathroom, and its common for large event venues have “family” bathrooms for parents to take their kids or change diapers or whatever which are larger private restrooms.

with all the PC BS going around, in the future we’ll probably just have 10 private bathrooms instead of 2 public ones. if done right they could share a washroom.

fire alarm nightmare though, each bathroom would need a strobe.

I’ll just say that Target has lost my business. Their support of this “everything goes” society is just adding to the problem.

The Targets in my area have long already had one person unisex bathrooms. Unlike with the family bathrooms at Walmart stores, they’re not located with the other two bathrooms, but over by the pharmacy.

I would say that in the interest of keeping arguments on this board to an absolute minimum, we avoid talking about these issues. Yeah, perhaps they should be able to be talked about, but a fire alarm board just isn’t the place.

Just, IMHO, there are public forums out there that are better-suited to discuss social issues such as these, especially for ones as controversial as this one is. I don’t want there to be drama on this board.


You can never be so right and so wrong at the same time discussing political issues online…

Yeah I am going to put a stop to this discussion before it derails into a flame war.