Two Fires on 2-29-12

Two fires to talk about today on this Leap Year of 2012.

I slept through this first one, considering it took place at 2 AM, although being right down the street from the fire house, usually the sirens wake me up, but anyway, at 2 AM this morning the FD here in the city was dispatched to an activated fire alarm at the Senior Citizen Mid-Rise Apartment Complex. When they arrived, they found a serious fire in an apartment on the 5th floor and began evacuations of floors 4 (partial), 5, and 6 (all in all, about 60 people). The fire was confined to one apartment, but unfortunately, the resident of the apartment was pronounced deceased on the scene. There’s no official word on a cause, but it is HIGHLY suspected that the resident was smoking a cigarette while attached to an oxygen machine (despite NYS’s strict smoking laws, they ARE allowed to smoke in their apartments). According to one firefighter, the fire just enveloped around the guy who was sitting in a chair and the rest of the apartment was fire-free. As stated, the fire alarm system did activate, although several residents clam they never heard the alarms going off, but the FD says everything was working just fine, plus, many of the residents didn’t even respond to the FD banging on ther doors, which resulted in a lot of forced entries. As far as sprinklers go, I’ve been told directly from the FD that there are sprinkers in the hallways HOWEVER, there are no sprinklers in the apartments themselves. No word if any upgrades will take place because of this incident.

Fast-forward to around 4:30 this evening and the word online is that the Corning Tower in downtown Albany is being evacuated due to a fire. Turns out a fire boke out in one of the labs in the basement of the building. While it was put out rather quickly, the 44-story tower was comletely evacuated anyway, mainly because of fumes. Aside from the immediate area affected by the fire, the FD cleared the building for occupancy tomorrow morning. Here’s a short vid (shot by a news crew whose TV station is just down the highway from the tower) of people evacuating the building. You can see strobe lights flashing in the background and at the very end, you can see Integrity speaker/strobes flashing away, and given the size of the building, I’d go so far as to say the alarm system is probably a networked EST3. I’m just glad no one was hurt in this incident.

Given these two events and the snowstorm, it was a pretty active day!

UPDATE: the fire at the Corning Tower was caused by a space heater that was under someone’s desk. :roll:


“Minimum 3 Foot Clearance”

A lot of companies are doing the whole energy savings thing, so in a lot of offices prohibit space heaters (although I know countless people still use them). But anyway, I guess the fire caused some substantial damage, toarching a whole office and part of a hallway. I’m just glad no one was hurt.