Update on TheAlarmGuy9100

I have retired from the alarm community for the time being, I will still occasionally post here on the forum from time to time.
Reason: my desire to create original content on my YouTube channel has caused me to start procrastinating and just not being able to produce content for my 7 subscribers, I might just end up quitting YouTube, I will still remain active here on The Fire Panel Forums, I might make the occasional post, but I am essentially scaling back content production significantly, I wish you all the best possible and I hope to return to the alarm community in the near future. Best wishes

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wait you are not deleting your channel are you? You are one of my favorite enthusiasts on Youtube

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No I am not deleting my channel, I am still gonna upload videos occasionally.
Thanks for for saying my channel is your favourite fire alarm enthusiast YouTube channel

no problem I think it is cool to see what fire alarms are like in other countries.

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Here is my YouTube channel if you want to check it out Foxy the Wolf - YouTube

Video premiere tonight 17:45 UK time