What Alarms Have Lights Over Strobes?

I’m Looking For Something That Uses A Light Instead Of A Strobe. I Am Already Aware Of Some Simplex Plates (And Space Age Plates) That Have Lights So I’m Talking About The Light Being Integrated Into The Alarm. Such As Some Wheelock 7002T’s Having Lights.

Space Age Electronics’ AV-34 series is another notable series of light plates.

Standard Electric, Edwards, and Faraday all made light plates. There’s a light version of the Federal Signal VALS series (the VAL). I don’t think Wheelock ever made incandescent versions of their signals.

They did I believe

Wheelock made a light attachment to be used on the 34T. It basically made it look like a 7002T, but with a light. Yes, there was a federal light, the VAL. I own one, they are very rare.

I meant to type “AV-32”, but both plates are incandescent lights, I believe. The difference between the two is that one is for surface-mounting, the other is for semi-flush mounting.

I Recently Acquired An AV-32 With An Orange Light. Anything Else?

An AV-32 or a V33?

If it was indeed an AV-32 with an amber light, then pics or it didn’t happen! lol

Really, a Wheelock light? Do you have any documentation, or know where I could find it?

Someone bought a “fake” Wheelock light plate a while ago that had been modified by the eBay seller, but I’ve never been able to find proof of a Wheelock light in my catalogs. Do you have pics?

Loudest and Craziest System Test Ever! (System Test 28) - YouTube

I’m 90% sure Andrew modified that light. I think he said it in the video, but I’m too busy to watch the entire thing.

hmm maybe.

I don’t, unfortunately. In case anyone’s interested, here is a video of mine showing my VAL light: System Test 3 - YouTube

I recently saw one on eBay, however it was 12 VDC.

Is the auction still going or did it sell?