What Is Your Favorite Sports Team?

So I thought I’d ask the sports fans here what their favorite sports team was. I’ll tell you mine.
MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks and Atlanta Braves (when they’re good in the standings)
NFL: Arizona Cardinals (when they’re good), Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers (because they’re publicly owned), and the Cleveland Browns.
NBA: Phoenix Suns.
NHL: Phoenix Coyotes.
Minor League Baseball: Tucson Padres.

MLB: Boston Red Sox
NFL: New England Patriots
NBA: Boston Celtics
NHL: Boston Bruins
MiLB: Portland Sea Dogs

Also, this will be locked if it turns into a flame war.

^The same, except I don’t know whether I like Portland or Pawtucket more.

Same for me too, and I like Pawtucket too, but I don’t really follow MILB anymore. Also for me, for MLS, my favorite team is New England Revolution.

MLB: Detroit Tigers
NBA: Detroit Pistons
NFL: Detroit Lions
NHL: Detroit Red Wings

NFL: Packers
NHL: Blackhawks
NBA: Don’t really have a favorite
MLB: Cubs. Even though they are having a horrible year they are still my favorite team. I played baseball in high school and 2 years ago in college, I think I could play for the cubs and do just as good as them.