What’s Difference between the resistors that come with the panel

Hi, I’m just wondering if there’s a difference between the normal resistors that come with the panel and the ones with red shrink wrap on them….they both are 4.7k resistors 1/2 watt so what’s the difference? Would I be find just using the normal ones for everything?

Sorry for the frequent posting lol I just have so many questions and don’t wanna screw something up!

What panel are you referring to exactly?

5ud it comes with a bag of normal resistors and then a bag labeled ELR with the same resistance level resistors but they have the things that go into screw terminals on them.

I honestly have no idea what’s what when it comes to such resistors. Maybe try consulting various manuals related to the 5UD.

The resistors are the same value they will work.
The resistors which come with the panel are in accordance to the UL requirements.