What Sirens dose your city Have

What “Tornado sirens” Dose your city have? My city has Whelen 2910’s and Whelen 3016’s

Unfotunatley Salt Lake City doesn’t have a system. But nearby Tooele County has a system of Whelen 2800s.

Whelen’s, but I couldn’t tell you the model number, have never looked that closely. i’ve just noticed the gray boxes on the poles clearly marked.

Seeing how I live in Florida, we don’t have much for tornado sirens. However, the local community college campus has a modulator but I’m not sure when it’s tested. I am aware that USF in Tampa about an hour away has some modulators around campus.

Not a single one!

My hometown has one of those KM Europe Sirens (Inactive though… Last time it went off in 2009 it was pretty loud!)

My city has thunderbolts and 2T22 sirens

This is bumping the topic a bit, but here in Marysville, Ohio, we’ve got several 2001s and an STH-10. There’s also a couple of STL-10s in Union County outside of Marysville, as well as an 8 RPM 2nd gen 2001-SRN.

A little bump by a few months but my city has:

Ranlo Town Hall/F.D/P.D:

Federal Signal 3T22A with one horn set (White)

Lowell F.D:

Federal Signal 3T22A with one horn set (Yellow)

Lowell Spencer Mountain FD:

Federal Signal 5T (red)

The staff access road to carowinds:

Federal Signal 2001

Bumping this too, finally got more information about the KM-Europ siren core that my town has. It’s a 1kW unit, or rather we suspect it is. It was tested this year, yep, a surprise test, and blimey, that thing is B R U T A L.

From what I could find on KM-Europ’s website before it went defunct, this model was advertised as to be able to kick out 120dB, just shy ahead of an ACA Allertor!

Here is a picture of it, yep it is pretty large, and it’s both weird and creepy-looking at the same time. The cage underneath its base is the air intake.

Yeah. That thing is creepy with it’s weird wavy projectors.

And it sounds creepy as well, actually the stator’s ports are slightly angled, giving the projectors that wavy look.

It’s a 8-port unit (very few sirens in France are either fitted with 10 ports rotors/stators) on this one, but it sounds about like a STL-10 with a strong undertone, believe it or not, but it carries very far.

Oh, cool! It looks the thing that would make the horrific silent hill siren noise!

Yup! Most sirens in France are 8-ports (with a solid half of them dating all the way back to World War II), and most of them sound like the Silent Hill siren, and I belive it’s even one of them that has been used for the siren sound effect in SH.

I heard that the reason they are 8-ports is that during WWII there was few ressources avaliable, so they made it like that with very few ports to lower costs, and since that, the design stuck due to how far the sound of these sirens carry.

To add onto this, my town’s unit is from the early 2000s, at some point my town used to have a original WWII siren, but unfortunately it eventually failed and got replaced by this KM-EUROP unit which still stands today.

This yellow siren (or smokestack) is at that abandoned superfund chemical plant that I mentioned months ago in Lowell, NC. It is disturbing to think that such a small place would need a full on SIREN. Welllllllllll, they DID use formaldehyde and other nasty stuff there along with the following incidents:

1:formaldehyde spill in the late 1990s/early 2000s

2: Barrel fire in a filterpress that lit up some other tanks



5: WWTP spill in 2019 (even though abandoned, due to vandals)

I’m not sure if where I live does have a siren but if it does I don’t know where it is or what model it would be.

Given that Sentry 3V8 is painted yellow, I would not be surprised that it was used as a Civil Defense siren rather than a ChemSpi (Chemical Spill) warning siren.

However most Civil Defense sirens were dual-tone (had two sets of opening on the rotor, such as 8/12 and 10/12), and AFAIK I think 3V8s were often 8-port.

OH. MY. GOD. THANK YOU FOR IDENTIFYING IT! My first guess is a CD siren as it IS a small community and according to some file hopper tabs on my PC (you can find these in general talk section.) dates from 1958 (original construction) 1961 (new company comes in and tears down old buildings) and 1962 (MOST but not ALL new buildings constructed and opened for production of dyes)

Today I got to hear the Federal Signal 3T22A in Ranlo/Lowell due to the L A R G E storm in NC and other nearby areas. It was at my college and it was B A D.


9:53 AM:

Professor reads paper to us about the visible spectrum or something like that, she opens the windows in a thunder storm :frowning: and suddenly around 9:53 the nearby Federal Signal 3T22A sounded in alert, I though it was a test but it was not test day Wednesday, Its THURSDAY… So I check my phone and see 2 alerts from the NWS: A tornado watch and a flood warning (still going right now).

10:50 AM:

Janitor enters and runs over to seal both windows and tells everyone on the window side of the room to run over the the door side of the room, I am on this side so I grab my Macbook and textbooks and run over to the tile with some other pupils. Everything continues as normal as she keeps reading another paper.

11:05 AM:

The dean gets on the Rauland Intercom and shoves her phone into it as it blasts the EAS alert tone, then she says “Severe Tornado Warning for our area, GET DOWN!” Everyone panics as I cram myself beneath a desk/cabinet thingy. The sirens go off again on alert mode and I could hear a hi-lo sound nearby behind the Federal Signal 3T22A alert noise. Then… The Simplex 4903-9217 buzzed violently, good GOD that thing is loud :frowning:

1:36 PM:

All clear issued, I crawl out and we do nothing for the rest of the class, dismissed to dorms. I tried to understand whatever just happened while watching the next door cotton mill parking lot flooding from the window of my rental mill home.

There isn’t a siren in my town but near Nashville, there are a lot of Faraday omnidirectional sirens.