Whatever happened to SimplexTech?

I know he used to be around and he put videos on YouTube, but whatever happened to him? Did he just drop off the face of the earth?

He probably just decided not to bother posting videos anymore. Do remember that every time he posted a video, they got flooded with comments from people asking dumb questions, which probably annoyed him.

Bingo. He is still around, some of us still talk to him.

Such a shame, since I liked his videos since he walked around the building after the horns sound.

Anybody else know of somebody else that does that?


  • Another “former” member here. He has some stuff up, but doesn’t upload things too often.


  • A more frequent uploader. He’s from Canada so a lot of his vids contain bells and no visual devices, but there are exceptions to the rule.

Not to mention how angry he got when someone tried to correct him, especially if it was about 2001 march time.

Even though we DO know the right answer :mrgreen:

Actually, it seems to vary between 90 and 120 BPM, usually around the 105 mark.

He is still here. Username is Magnum Alert.

It isn’t too often that I sound signals for any reason.

Does SimplexTech have an instant messenger?

Not that we know of.

Because it would have been nice to talk to him again, but if he doesn’t have anything then its fine.