What's wrong here?

If you are a technician, an engineer, or someone with a lot of knowledge, I’d prefer if you do not answer. I want to give some of the new people a chance to learn something.

What’s wrong here? Hint: It is NOT that the smoke detector is in alarm.

There are two problems in this photo.


I think it is the addressable loop. It is not the Detector. is it the SLC loop checking the detector? am i close?

Not at all. The loop is working fine. The detector is in alarm because I had just tested it with a Solo tester.

The detector is mounted far too close to that air vent. As for the second problem, I’m not quite sure.

You got the first one.

The detector is supposed to be installed at least 4 feet from any air vent.

Could it be something with it mounted on a drop ceiling

You’d have to look above the ceiling to be able to tell, but from this picture, no.

Is it that the mounting arm (assuming one is used) for the smoke detector “shares” the same runner as the vent?

I was also going to say that the smoke is too close to the event. As for the second problem, does it have something else to do with the detector’s location, or is it something about the detector?

Is it mounted perfectly flush with the tile or is it slightly tilted?

It’s perfectly flush against the tile.

I didn’t look above the ceiling so I do not know how it is mounted.

Let me remind you I am only asking for stuff you can see in the picture…

The first one was proximity to the air vent.

There is one more though…

They wrote on it in sharpie??? :?:

You got it.

A thousand points to Miniman. Lol.

The problem here is some code (I think it’s in NFPA) specifies that device labels must be printed labels and cannot be handwritten.

And its handwritten on the trim ring of the SSD base which is known to fall off (sometimes). I would of preferred to see the device label on the actual detector itself.

I remember back at my high school, I think that there were markers labeled on some of the devices themselves.

my school violated the sharpie rule, they wrote the device numbers with a sharpie on almost all the smoke detectors.

I’ve seen Sharpie on many a detector, both addressable and non-addressable. I’ve seen it on NAs also.

Labels fall off and get removed. Sharpie typically stays.

I write on the back often, never the front I think it looks like crap.

Whoever installed the SIGA smokes at my high school put the barcode labels on the side of the heads.

My school has the labels only on the pull stations, I don’t think the detectors, although, I haven’t really inspected them.