Why am I inactive?

Well guys, if you’ve been wondering why I am rarely active anymore here, I’ll try my best to explain why here.

First, we’ve got the fact that I had a few exams, those exams are no joke. If I fail them : I’m good to spend another 3 years at school. (and given my current mental condition, I would have not held for long, my panic attacks would have already gotten the best of me)

Second, I’m really feeling tired and bored… And of course very anxious about someone I care (not going to go into details for this one)

And maybe finally: my computer caught fire. Yes you read that right! The power supply failed and started catching fire… Oh well, it was due for a replacement anyways! So I’m stuck writing this on mobile and it feels really annoying…

So yeah… I have already covered all of my devices that I have in my collection, I am very sure I’ll find something else… One day maybe? I’m keeping my eyes peeled.

I still peer by checking on how the community’s doin’ but right now…

Another 3 years in school? Is it a college or a high school exam?

Well even if you have to be more inactive for a while, I’m glad that you checked in so we could hear from you. :slight_smile:

I’m planning something big, worry not :wink: but, I have to tell something:

Right now, things have settled down (aside for a small incident that is currently ongoing, but it’s not a big deal, yet, I’ll try to elaborate on this) for the most part but right now, I’m in the process of sorting my collection on what should I use for my next project (cobbling up parts slowly, I just need a panel).

I’m still peeking here from time to time (haven’t found any devices for my collection yet, I mah have some other devices somewhere but I cannot find them for the life of me), but enough of my rambling for now, I’ll keep it short and sweet:

There’s a garage sale in my hometown, I hope I will score some devices…