Wire question

Can fire alarm wire be run parallel with coaxial or(TV) cable. since it is low voltage?

In addition the fire alarm cable is shielded.

Yes. needs to be power limited fire alarm cable though.

NEC 2014:

620.36 Different Systems in One Raceway or Traveling

Cable. Optical fiber cables and conductors for operating

devices, operation and motion control, power, signaling,

fire alarm, lighting, heating, and air-conditioning circuits of

1000 volts or less shall be permitted to be run in the same

traveling cable or raceway system if all conductors are in-

sulated for the maximum voltage applied to any conductor

within the cables or raceway system and if all live parts of

the equipment are insulated from ground for this maximum

voltage. Such a traveling cable or raceway shall also be

permitted to include shielded conductors and/or one or

more coaxial cables if such conductors are insulated for the

maximum voltage applied to any conductor within the

cable or raceway system. Conductors shall be permitted to

be covered with suitable shielding for telephone, audio,

video, or higher frequency communications circuits.

also, 760.139 allows network cables (cat5e and the like) to be installed with FA cable too.

It is, Thanks.