Your thoughts on the London riots

Personally, I can’t believe that such a calamity could occur in a historical and peace-renowned community. Here’s one recent article highlighting the situation:

People that like to use big words are usually clueless…

Do you know the violent history England holds?

This is really not all that surprising. The lack of control the police have is equally not as surprising.

It’s the follower effect I believe, which is a tactic many people use as a reason for the need of looting, rioting, violence, etc. While there may be people who are rioting against the death of Mark Duggan (whether wrongful or not), I would venture that 80% of the people out there are doing it just to cause damage because they can.

Some people feel it’s their right to go out and protest by destroying things, and injuring/killing innocent bystanders trying to protect their well-being. Some people use this as a way to express their frustration towards other injustices by the government, etc. Some people are doing it to protect their own rights, whatever those rights may be. It happens with every riot, this one just seemed to surprise a lot of people since it got so widespread so fast. However, like Jake said, Britain has a big history of rioting, and with a major part of it happening within the last century.

However just because this has been going on for so long, doesn’t mean that I agree with this behavior, and I’m sure the family and friends of Mark Duggan don’t agree with this either. It’s downright selfish, barbaric, and humiliating to see people rioting for no other cause than blind anger and fury. There’s nothing really that can be done to stop it. You just contain the rioters and keep pushing in the barrier until they give in to the dispersion. In which case you’ll need some sort of large military presence to control them, much like the LA riots of 1992 when they had 4,000 military soldiers show up to help disperse crowds. There was also a curfew to help subside those who decided to protest at night, and by Day 6 most order was restored.

All riots run out of steam eventually, you just hope that it happens sooner or later.