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I need help with my life....

Posted: Wed Sep 06, 2017 10:45 pm
by [Isaaaakkk]
Okay so I kind of have two MAJOR dilemmas:

1.) me and my bf are getting bullied A LOT at school (more so him than me) were always being shoved by other guys and called f****ts (rhymes with maggot lol). We're being taunted soooo much and rumors have been going around about us that are SUPER sexual and super UNTRUE, and it's getting annoying. Both me and my bf have no social media, but have come to the fact that we are being talked about on Instagram and SnapChat. We have already talked to teachers and admin of the school, but as usual, they never do crap about bullying. I've already talked it over with my parents and that hasn't helped. I know I know, I'm a junior in high school and I should grow up and get over it, but honestly this bullying is very severe to the point where I'm about to leave my school. It's extremely hard for me in particular with the stress of school and my severe depression, to actually be able to push this aside. If any of you can give me any advice on what to do, that would be greatly appreciated. Not to be all stereotypical, but it's only GUYS who bully us. Never once has a girl been rude to us. (Gay couple btw)

2.) My friend recently had a stroke at the age of 16 and is partially paralyzed. I ask for any of your guys’ prayers and “happy feelings” to be sent over him and his family. This has been super hard for me since I have dealt with two suicides over the summer and now these two things. So yeah! Thanks in advance.

*sorry if this topic is a little bit awkward, but I find it easy to talk to complete strangers in here about certain things because…. Well I don't actually know… I know a majority of you guys are really caring and I want this to be a good community where anyone can talk about anything*

Re: I need help with my life....

Posted: Wed Sep 06, 2017 11:29 pm
by kcin556
I am not a psychological counselor - in fact, I would be surprised if anyone on the forums is. However, that does not mean that we are unavailable should you need to talk something out with any of the users here you have come to trust.

I completely understand both your thoughts and concerns regarding reaching out to so called "internet friends" regarding these issues. In my mind, we are not complete strangers. We are a group of people who have chosen to share with each other what for some of us is our greatest interest, yet one that is often hidden from so many, particularly with our younger users. The fact that these great discussions are occurring online, and rather than in person, is simply a nuance of our immensely connected world in the 21st Century.

I just want to make it clear that none of the behaviors expressed in section one of your post will EVER be tolerated on these forums. As the forum staff, it is our job to ensure than anyone of any background is able to contribute equally and freely on these forums. While this may not be a counseling service, we want to welcome and support you in your fire alarm interests to the best of our ability.

Re: I need help with my life....

Posted: Sun Sep 10, 2017 10:41 pm
by chris+s
Doesn't really help you right know in the current situation, but things WILL get better. You'll probably always deal with some form of intolerance/ignorance, however once you hit college you'll largely be distanced from it and more accepted by others.

Those kids bullying you are just as lost as you, they're desperately trying to fit in so everyone joins in on the common target. Don't hate them, feel bad for them... the things they say to you now most of them will regret in 10 years.