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Sun Mar 11, 2018 9:02 am

So, I was going through a playlist containing videos that were in my liked videos from my old channel (yes, I had to unlike all of those videos for technical reasons; I'll explain later to anyone who cares), and I've noticed that a whole bunch of them (very close to 100) appear to be "deleted". This only seems to happen to videos that were posted from around late 2006 (maybe even earlier) to early 2007.

Just this morning, it turns out that those videos actually weren't deleted, and appears to be a bug within YouTube.

Here's a screenshot that I took on my iPad:
Note: this does not just appear like that on the mobile app, it also appears that way on the desktop version.

What's even weirder is that if you go visit their YouTube channels under the "Videos" tab, under "normal" view (sorted by "Date added (newest)"), it would seem as if the videos that appear to be "deleted" are missing, ditto for sorting by "Most popular". But when sorting the videos by "Date added (oldest)", all of the videos show up.

Going back to the playlist issue, when adding one of those videos to a playlist (different from the one seen in the screenshot), the video still shows up as a deleted video.

Here are some examples for you to experiment with:

Note: videos may reappear by the time you read this, as that when I checked for videos that were "deleted", before today there were 99, and recently, it went down to 98.

Channels - Switch the view from "Date added (newest)" to "Date added (oldest)," and see what happens. (Fire Alarm Fan's channel)

Videos - Add (and then remove) a video to a playlist you have (it doesn't have to be public), and see for yourself. (You may have to choose different videos from the channels above if the following video examples do not work)

I tried looking it up on Google, found nothing related to this issue; I even tried searching through the YouTube subreddit (since results from there often show up when I come across a problem on YouTube), found nothing there either.

Has anyone else noticed this?
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