Should this site have Dark Mode?

Got a suggestion for the site, or got some feedback? Feel free to post it right here.
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Hello. I am posting a suggestion, that suggestion being the addition of a Dark Theme. I think it should be accessed by the User Control Panel, I feel that this suggestion may be good for those who use Dark Theme, such as myself. There should be a “System Default” which is, If your device uses dark mode, then the site should be Dark Mode. If this is not possible, can a Dark/Light theme be added without the “System Default”?
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Hi! This is a feature we absolutely want to have, unfortunately we are currently limited to the theme creator which allows either dark or light mode, but currently not both. I'll reach out, I wish we could utilize auto-dark mode similarly to how it's done on my website, which utilizes the browser's settings.

Hope we can have it eventually!
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