Possible Siemens system setup

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Wed Dec 20, 2017 2:51 pm

Me demo testing a possible Siemens system I *possibly* could get within the next couple of months. It would be an FS-250 and would be quite an investment which is why this is still in the air. I would have a to have a DPU with me and with the very limited technical knowledge of that panel it's still a little risky. What I'm worried about is the technician level pass code not working, then what? If anyone here knows for a *FACT* that this panel can be factory reset then please tell me here. Anyway, the Simplex 4005 panel would be removed and put with my demo equipment but original devices would stay, except smokes which I would replace with hfp-11's and put an HTRI-M module behind the conventional simplex pulls and new pulls I'm seeking would be the MSM-kd with the HTRI-M modules. I could do the hms-d/s but I like the t-bar setup, plus it takes a key.

This setup was *EXTREMELY* loud and had to do it quick.

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