What alarm do you have at work/school

Discussion of all things related to fire alarms, including alarm systems, fire alarm collections, sirens, sprinklers, fire drills, evacuations, actual fires, building architecture, other kinds of safety drills like tornado and earthquake drills and such, etc.
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Theres a fourth floor/rooftop space that is also planned to have stuff and will EVEN HAVE A FIREPLACE! They’re doing a really good job at making the extention homely- oh back on topic theres a speaker/strobe mounted up there too.
Excuse me, this is a high school you're talking about??
Yep. I’m not going to reveal the school name due to privacy’s sake but its up there with the highest ranked schools in the US.

Anyways to update, the old Simplex alarm removal process has been going very smooth. There are no more Simplex horn/strobes, pull stations, smoke detectors, etc in the hallways, It’s all Siemens now. They had just finished up with the 8000s [third floor]. The first strobes in some classrooms and bathrooms are finally being removed and covered after a semester and a half. It looks weird to see my 8th period math class have nothing on the wall lol.
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I have been singing professionally with a church choir in my area for just over a month now, and we had a fire alarm test last week during and after rehearsal, so here's the system. The church is one large building made up of four distinct structures, all of which were recently connected to form the one large structure. By far, the notification appliances are the most interesting part.

System Control---Full Campus

-Simplex 4100ES---Main Control Panel (probably in a boiler or electrical room somewhere)
Simplex 4100-9607+4100-1292---4100ES Remote Command Center w/ Voice Capabilities (Main Vestibule)
Simplex 4603-9101---Remote Annunciators (I've seen three scattered around the campus)

Initiation Devices
Christian Education Wing+Small Chapel
Simplex 4251-20 Pull Stations
Simplex 4098-9788+4098-9601 TrueAlarm Conventional Smoke Sensors (probably replacing older sensors)

Notification Devices
Christian Education Wing+Small Chapel
Simplex 2901-9838+4903-9101 Horn/Strobe Plates
Simplex 4904-9101 Remote Strobes
**Temporal 3 Coding, Strobes Flash Continuously**

As of this weekend, the music and administrative wing have had a full upgrade.

System Control

Simplex 4100-9607+4100-1292---4100ES Remote Command Center w/ Voice Capabilities (Entrance to music department---replacing a 4603-9101)

Initiation Devices

Simplex 4099-9004 Pull Stations
Simplex 4098-9792+4098-9714 TrueAlarm Addressable Smoke Sensors

Notification Devices

Simplex TrueAlert 4906-9153 Speaker/Strobes
Simplex TrueAlert 4906-9101 Remote Strobes

***All A*T and System Sensor devices in this part of the campus have been removed***

Welp....the part of the upgrade I hoped wouldn't happen is finally happening. I stopped by work today and SimplexGrinnell was there in force. I walked into the vestibule of the Christian Ed Wing+Small Chapel and I saw a SimplexGrinnell tech sticking an address label on a brand new Simplex 4099-9004 pull station. The new pull is replacing a 4251-20. I walked into the first floor hallway and saw the new TrueAlert speaker/strobes on the walls. I looked up on the wall next to me and the 2901-9838+4903-9101 that had been there was gone and the backbox was covered. I started looking around and realized all the old signals and devices were gone and new, shiny TrueAlert 4906-9153s, TrueAlert 4906-9101s, TrueAlarm 4098-9792+4098-9714s, and 4099-9004s are either in their places or surface-mounted in new places.

Oh well... :|
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Yeah that is something that does suck so I feel for you.
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