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Discussion of all things related to fire alarms, including alarm systems, fire alarm collections, sirens, sprinklers, fire drills, evacuations, actual fires, building architecture, other kinds of safety drills like tornado and earthquake drills and such, etc.
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I can remember an episode of Dallas where a smoke alarm sounds, well thanks to TVTropes I found it, at least the episode before the one I remember.

S6E28 Ewing Inferno. It features an SA120 with a modified light (bulb is producing a white colored light) doing 5/6. 2:44

The episode I remember must have been S7E1 where another lower pitched alarm is also heard near the bedrooms.
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I have never seen this episode. My parents used to watch this show all the time back then and I checked the date of this episode which is May 6th, 1983. That is a very bright light but definitely a dubbed in sound because the SA120's did a faster pulse.
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I can't count how many alarms I've seen on "Law and Order". Here are the coolest finds:
1. Rikers Island Correctional Facility
When the camera pans the right way, you can see what looks like an old IBM panel.
2. Main Office
There is a space age AV plate with a mechanical horn, and above that is a bell.
3. Plenty more I could not think of!
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Friends S7 E12 (First Alert SA67B, modified)

SA67B has a red LED.

Alarm is seen being pulled off a bracket with wires. (The actual alarm itself isnt wired)

Bracket and Wires, like in above.

Alarm is seen with a Red LED with wires glued to the clear test button.
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