New Rule: Brand Bashing

Discussion of all things related to fire alarms, including alarm systems, fire alarm collections, sirens, sprinklers, fire drills, evacuations, actual fires, building architecture, other kinds of safety drills like tornado and earthquake drills and such, etc.
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With the growing number of industry professionals on this forum, it's important that we keep our discussions unprejudiced and respect each other's employers. We all have unique opinions, but brand bashing has led to a lot of hostility on other fire alarm discussion boards. In order to keep TFP a helpful and welcoming forum for all, we have made a rule about it.

Please refrain from making derogatory or libelous comments about fire alarm brands, vendors, and their employees/clients. This includes insults, uneducated judgements, and unfair generalizations. Objective criticism is always welcome, but please back up your claims with experience. When discussing brands, keep in mind that some of our users work for (or do business with) these companies, and everything that's posted here shows up on Google. We don't want to publicly defame the reputation of our users and their companies, nor do we want a hostile environment here. In general, if you can't defend your reasoning for criticizing a company, don't post it.

Bad criticism: Brand-X is cheap ripoff garbage. Their equipment never works and their techs are idiots.
Good criticism: We've seen a high failure rate with Brand-X's equipment and had to fix many code violations during takeovers.

Y'all have been pretty good about this in the past, so just keep up the great discussions. 8)
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