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Re: Make Up a System (2.0)

Posted: Sun Nov 25, 2018 1:45 am
by Simplex 4051
This next middle school (2 out of 3) is the Hingham Middle School
In most of the school, the alarms are Gentex GMS horn/strobes

Located in the distance learning center, family and consumer science and third floor computer lab are Gentex SHG horn/strobes with the DLC having a newer version and the FACS and computer lab having the older ones

Two rooms. the library and the language lab have Faraday 6120 horns on Space Age Electronics AV34 strobe plates

Over in the weight training classroom, there is a Standard 450 horn on a Standard 450 light plate original to the school but since that room didn't have to have an ADA-compliant alarm in there, it stayed

The nurse's office and the carpentry lab have Wheelock MT horn/strobes

Finally, the speech lab, first floor computer lab and second floor computer lab have Edwards Genesis horn/strobes

Re: Make Up a System (2.0)

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 6:23 pm
by WhelenSirenFan
Yes, i'm bumping but I have a cool system.

McLane Elementary was once the city's high school, however with the arrival of a new building, the elementary school was moved to this building.

Building was built in the mid-1960s, and none of the original alarms remain. Original alarms were Simplex 4050s that were eventually replaced over time. Pulls were Chevron pulls, however, for an unknown reason, a pull rod was installed in the cafeteria and remains, however not connected to the system.

In 1997, A building renovation occurred in the 11th grade wing due to a roof leak. All alarms in that wing were replaced with EST Integrities, and pulls were replaced with Edwards SIGA pulls. The panel at that point was upgraded to an EST panel.

In 2003, the High School was moved out of the building and the Elementary moved in. It was at that point that the Chevrons and 4030s were phased out and replaced with Simplex TrueAlerts. Pulls became Simplex break glass pulls. A Simplex 4010 was also installed in another part the building to power the TrueAlerts and Pulls. It was linked to the EST panel.

In 2005, the EST panel became inoperable and was replaced with a EST QuickStart 4. Some of the Edwards devices in the building were also converted to Simplex devices during the upgrade. All smoke and heat detectors were changed to Simplex 4098-9714 TrueAlarms at this time as well, and linked to the 4010.

In 2017, most alarms in the building (Pulls, detectors, door closers, notification appliances, etc.) were removed and replaced with new Simplex TrueAlert ES equipment. The Simplex 4010 was replaced with a brand new Simplex 4100ES, the QuickStart 4 remains in the office, while powered down. It may be re-introduced to the system at some point to power a few Edwards devices left behind in the upgrade. In the classrooms, Simplex 5900 Series LED alarms were placed, Larger classrooms have Multi-Tone TrueAlert ES devices. In the hallways, Addressable Speakers were placed. In the place of a PA system, Simplex 4902-9721 speakers are used. In the small classrooms, one speaker is placed in the center of the classrooms, large classrooms have two, placed in the West and East corners. In the hallways, two speakers are mounted across from each other on the wall every 25 feet. Auditorium, Gymnasiums, Cafeteria, and Computer Labs (soon to be phased into special education classrooms) have an addressable speakers. For PA, The auditorium has two 4902-9721s, Gyms have four, cafeteria has four, and special education classrooms have three.

In the future, the Edwards devices will either be replaced or re-introduced, however no foreseeable solution has occurred.

Re: Make Up a System (2.0)

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 12:18 am
by Simplex 4051
This will be the final middle school that I am doing before I go and do three high schools. This is the setup of East Middle school and how their system is put together.
In most of the school, the alarms are Siemens U-HNH horn/strobes

Located in the carpentry, computer technology and in-school suspension classroom are Amseco BZ-54VTs on Space Age Electronics AV32 strobe plates

Two areas, the dance floor and the drama classroom have Faraday 6120 horn/strobes

Over in the library, there is a Wheelock 7002T horn/strobe

The family and consumer sciences kitchen and the band classroom have Gentex Commander 3 horn/strobes

Finally, the STEM lab, weight room and public speaking classroom have Classic SpectrAlerts

Re: Make Up a System (2.0)

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 12:50 am
by RSSAlarms
East Rockwell high school was built in 1983 with a simplex 2001-8001 system. The system consisted of simplex 4251-20 pulls and simplex 2903-9001+2901-9833 horns installed in each classroom and in hallways.

In 2006-2007, the school put in a career and technical education (CTE) wing with a new system controlling that wing due to the lack of available expansion on the 2001 and due to the age of it (this would be an issue for the new panel due to both of them being 24 years apart and due to incompatible hardware, would cause both panels to randomly trip each other often). In that wing, an est fire shield was installed with Edwards 270-SPO pulls and est genesis horn strobes installed in each classroom and in hallways.

in 2017, both systems were replaced with a single panel. An EST 3 was put in to replace both panels and to keep the building up to code. The new system consists of SIGA-278 pulls and EST genesis speaker strobes with the default message and fast whoop ;however, the genesis horn strobes and the pulls from the fire shield system were re-wired to the EST3.

Re: Make Up a System (2.0)

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 5:12 pm
by Simplex 4051
This is the first of three middle schools that I am doing, which is Brookfield East high school.
In most of the school, the alarms are Edwards 892-2B horn/strobes

Located in the gymnasium foyer and the family and consumer science kitchen are Standard 450 horns on Standard 450 light plates

One office, the math interventionist's room has a Simplex 4051 horn on a 4050-80 light plate

Over in the resource classroom, there is a Gentex SHG

The media center and the health classroom have Classic SpectrAlerts

Finally, the computer science classroom has a Wheelock NS

Re: Make Up a System (2.0)

Posted: Sun Feb 24, 2019 6:08 pm
by EpicFireAlarms
I think it's time to revive this topic. The Smallview Community and Convention Center in Smallview, Oregon is a 125,000 square-foot building that was built in 1988. The building was really more like two buildings with a shared lobby; a 60,000 square-foot convention center/arena-type place, and a 60,000 square-foot community center with a gymnasium, pool, and track, among other things. Each building was controlled by a separate Simplex 2120 panel, although both were linked together and would activate the other in an emergency. The community center portion of the building, along with the lobby and some parts of the convention center had Simplex 2901-9833 horns on Simplex 2903-9101 strobe plates. The actual convention center itself had flush-mounted Simplex LifeAlarm speakers coded to the Simplex slow-whoop tone mounted above Simplex 2904 remote strobes. Additional 2904 strobes were installed where needed throughout the building, and the exterior of the building had several 2901-9833 horns as well. Both buildings had Simplex 4251-30 pull stations and Simplex 2098-series smoke detectors.

Between 1991 and 1995, several pull stations were broken or otherwise found to be defective. Each time, they were replaced with a NOS 4251-30.
The same goes for one -9101 strobe plate, which was also replaced with an NOS -9101.
In 1998, a new concessions area was added to the back of the lobby area. A new Simplex 4903-9219 horn/strobe was installed, along with two 4904 remote strobes. Additionally, a 4251-30 in the vicinity was replaced with a Simplex 4099-9001 pull station.
Around the same time (I'll say 1997-2004ish), a number of other spot-replacements took place; each time a Simplex 4901 horn and in some cases a -4904 strobe plate were installed, including one horn spot-replacement in place of a LifeAlarm speaker. Yikes!
In 2004, the entire building underwent a full fire alarm upgrade to bring it to code. Both 2120 panels were replaced by a single Simplex 4100U control panel (and an additional Simplex 4003 voice-evac panel). All of the horns, horn/strobes and strobe plates were replaced by Simplex 4903-9357 TrueAlert-series speaker/strobes. Simplex 4099-9006 pull stations replaced the old pull stations, and new Simplex TrueAlarm smoke detectors replaced the old 2098 models. The Simplex LifeAlarm speakers in the convention center were kept as they still worked fine and were up to code, but the 2904 remote strobes were all replaced by TrueAlert remote strobes. All exterior alarms remained the same. This is largely how the system remains to this day, with a few changes...
(any spot-replacements during this time were done with the same devices)

In 2008, the lobby was remodeled and several new Simplex 4906-9154 ceiling-mount speaker/strobes were installed. The next year, a new elevated track was put in the gymnasium and more 4906-9154 speaker/strobes were installed.

In 2015, one of the exterior alarms died. It was replaced with a Wheelock MT4.

In 2018, some offices within the building were remodeled. Interestingly, System Sensor SPSCWL speaker/strobes were installed.

Finally, in January 2019, a LifeAlarm in the convention center died and was replaced with a System Sensor SPWL speaker.

Re: Make Up a System (2.0)

Posted: Sun Feb 24, 2019 8:08 pm
by randomperson
EpicFireAlarms wrote:
Sun Feb 24, 2019 6:08 pm

In 2004, ... Simplex 4099-9006 pull stations replaced the old pull stations...
The 4099-9006 did not exist in 2004. The 4099-9003 did.

Re: Make Up a System (2.0)

Posted: Sun Feb 24, 2019 11:16 pm
by Simplex 4051
This is the setup of the second high school that I am doing which is the Roy C. Ketchum High School and the alarm placements within its floor plan.
The hallways all have Space Age Electronic 2DCD horns on AV32 flashers

The biotechnology, astronomy and living environment labs each have a Fire-Lite STH-71 horn/strobe

The drafting and photography classrooms have Amseco BZ-54VTs with RSD-24L strobes attached

The weight room has Siemens U-HNH horn/strobes

The auxiliary gymnasium library have Edwards Genesis horn/strobes

Finally, the keyboarding, orchestra and electronics classrooms have System Sensor MASS2415ADAs on 2400Hz continuous

Re: Make Up a System (2.0)

Posted: Tue Mar 19, 2019 4:53 pm
by Gentex SPK4
Louise Rowe K-8 School was originally built as Louise Rowe Elementary School in 1920. It was built as a 3-story building. A number of renovations and expansions occured over the years (1945 - Classroom Addition; 1968 - New Cafeteria, conversion of existing lunchroom into classroom space; 1990 - Classroom/Media Center Addition, new elevator, fire sprinklers, HVAC installation, fire alarm/clock/bell/intercom upgrades; 2005 - HVAC upgrade, new boiler; 2013 - 6-8 Classroom and Gym addition, campus renovations, fire alarm upgrade, new intercom and master clock headend equipment).

Fire Alarm System
  • Current System - Siemens XLSV
  • 1990 System - Notifier System 5000
  • Original System - Faraday AC System tied into an Edwards system for the 1968 addition
Initiating Devices
  • Current System - Pull stations are all Siemens rebranded RSG T-Bars behind Stopper II covers. Smoke Detectors all are Siemens FDO421s, and heat detectors are all Siemens FDT421. AHUs have System Sensor Innovairflex Duct Detectors.
  • 1990 system - Pull stations were a mix of Notifier BNG1s, FCI MS-2s, and Simplex 2099s. Smoke detectors were mostly System Sensor 2400s with a few ESL detectors in the mix.
  • Original system - Pulls were Faraday Chevron pulls, with the 1968 building having Edwards 270 pulls. No heat or smoke detectors were installed. The 1920 building had pull rods as well.
Notification Appliances
  • Current System - Signals here are Siemens rebranded Wheelock S8-24MCC speaker/strobes in the hallways and classrooms. Some offices and areas requiring additional speaker coverage have S8-70 speakers. Restrooms have Siemens rebranded ZRS strobes. The gym, cafeteria, media center, and auditorium have Siemens rebranded ET70 speaker/strobes. Outside, there are Wheelock STH speakers, with RSSWP strobes next to them. Locker rooms have Siemens rebranded Wheelock ET70WPs.
  • 1990 system - Signals were System Sensor MASSLO horn/strobes set to 800hz continuous. Most restrooms have System Sensor remote strobes. Classrooms have Wheelock MIZ horns. Some MASSLOs and MIZs were replaced with Wheelock AS horn/strobes.
  • Original system - The 1920 and 1945 buildings had Faraday Type 2 horns, and the 1968 building had Edwards Adaptahorns, both coded to 4-4-4-4
Intercom/Master Clock/Bell
Intercom System
  • Head-End
    • Current System - Telecor XL
    • 1990 System - Rauland Telecenter III
    • Original System - Executone
    • Speakers/Call Switches
      Current System - The 1920, 1945, 1968, and 1990 buildings retain the same speakers and call switches from the 1990 system. Hallways, the cafeteria, media center, and auditorium have wall mounted Rauland baffle speakers. All classrooms have MTC clock/speaker combos with Rauland call-in switches. Outside, there are Rauland waterproof baffle speakers. The 2013 addition has wall mounted mounted Telecor speakers in the hallways, locker room, and gym. Telecor clock/speaker combos are installed in classrooms, as well as call-in switches. Outside, there are Atlas horn speakers.
    • Original System - The old system in the 1920 and 1945 buildings had Executone speakers throughout with classrooms in the 1920 and 1945 having Standard Electric Time clock/speaker combos with some sort of phone. The 1968 buildings had Atlas Soundolier speakers in the halls and cafeteria, with Simplex clock/speaker combos and call-in switches in classrooms.
  • Bell
    • Current system - 5-Second Tone over intercom
    • 1990 System - Westminster Chime Tone over intercom
    • Original System - The old system had Standard Electric Time 6-Inch Bells in the 1920 and 1945 buildings with 10-Inch bells outside, and Simplex STR 4 inch bells in the 1968 building, with 10-inch bells outside. All classrooms had buzzers in the clock.
Master Clock
  • Panel - Sapling SMA 2000 replacing a MTC-6000D, original system was a Simplex R-83 replacing the original Standard Electric Time model
  • Clocks
    • Current system - the 1920-1990 buildings have a of MTC, Rauland and Sapling analog clocks. The 2013 addition has Sapling wired digital clocks.
    • Original system - the whole school previously had both Simplex and Standard Electric Time analog clocks throughout

Re: Make Up a System (2.0)

Posted: Tue Mar 19, 2019 11:24 pm
by Simplex 4051
This is the final high school which I am going to do, which is the North Middlesex Regional high school.
In most of the school, the alarms are Simplex 4051 horns on 4050-80 flashers

Located in the TV Studio, there is a Space Age Electronics 2DCD horn on an AV32 flasher

Two rooms, the business technology lab and the weight training room have Edwards 892-2B horn/strobes

Over in the special education life skills classroom, there is a Federal Signal 450D horn with a VALS strobe

The chorus room and the media center have Simplex 4903-9236 horns

Finally, the exterior of the school has Wheelock MTs

Re: Make Up a System (2.0)

Posted: Fri Apr 12, 2019 10:41 pm
by idontwannaknow
• The SunE, a high-rise ocean-view hotel in California, has 18 floors with the 18th floor itself having larger and fancier suites. Each end of the halls features a double room for families with many children/relatives. All other rooms have folding couches for 1-2 kids. A pool plus an outdoor bar are located on the back end very close to the ocean
• The second floor is the lobby with a breakfast buffet and an ocean entrance.
• The first (underground) floor is the hotel's fancy restaurant, with another staircase down to offices and meeting rooms
• The third floor is the workout/fitness rooms, a couple more well-suited meeting and lookout rooms are located here with a drink/snack menu.
• Even with its rooms, the fourth floor has a spa replacing where a double room would be.
• The hotel has a separate 3-floor parking garage


You guys are all probably waiting for the system so here it goes:

The SunE has a Simplex 4100ES with integrated MINIPLEX. A 4010ES is connected into the garages and only activates by itself or when a fire is detected or pulled on the lobby floor of the hotel. The 4100ES annunciator is located behind the check-in desk and the panel is in a closet by the entrance. Originally, the hotel had a first-gen 4100U and the garage had no system besides for a EST QuickStart for elevators.

Smoke detectors are mounted around the building, being the typical TrueAlarms. These are put about 20 feet away from each other in hallways, and always mounted near elevators (3 of them) and exit/stairwell doors. High ceilings typically have one detector or two. All special rooms like the cardio-fitness and meeting centers have one. 520HZ TrueAlarm bases are installed in sleeping areas. Pull stations are a mixed variety of about 2, but all are mounted near exits and stairwells. The addressable 4099-9006s are mounted mostly on the 1st-6th and 18th floors. Other floors have -9003s from the previous system but they are still intact. Emergency stairwells have disconnected older 270-SPOs once every 6 floors from the first one, although one of these has been patched.

The parking garage features no smoke detectors besides the ones for elevator recall with a -9004 underneath.

Moving on to the big notification appliances, many of them are typically Simplex 59VO white strobes on the walls with 49SOC white speakers on the ceiling, both having FIRE lettering. These are matched in the suite halls, buffet, and the lobby. Bathrooms, smaller rooms, and all the 1st floor offices and meeting rooms have 49VOC ceiling mounted strobes.
• Surprisingly, the first-floor fancy restaurant and 18th floor suites have 4906-9254 speaker/strobes.
• The third/fourth floor rooms have one 49SVC white speaker/strobe.
• Stairwells have a pattern of red 49SVs and 49SOs.
• Each suite has a white 49SO in sleeping areas with either a xenon or LED weatherproof strobe in the bathrooms.
• The spa rooms on the fourth floor, outdoor areas like the pool bar, and entrance and the parking garage have Wheelock ET80 or ET1010 speaker/strobes or remote speakers, with the garage's being ceiling mount.
• A Wheelock ASWP is mounted on the front of the hotel as a sprinkler alarm.
• Simplex LED horn/strobes are installed in the elevator rooms in the parking garage despite there being speaker/strobes.
• One disconnected Edwards 895B-001s is put in a bathroom corridor on the first floor restaurant, even though it's next to a speaker/strobe.


Re: Make Up a System (2.0)

Posted: Sat Apr 13, 2019 1:22 am
by Simplex 4051
The school I am going to do next is the Danbury elementary school which students from 3 different districts go to. The system has 6 different horns used in it. Here is how it is set up.
In most of the school, the alarms are Edwards 895B-001 horn/strobes

Located in the second art room, the media center and the reading classroom are Edwards 892-2B horn/strobes

Two classrooms, the main art room and the band room have Gentex SHG horn/strobes

Over in the math interventionist's classroom, there is a Simplex 2901-9806 horn on Simplex 2903-9101 strobe plate

The computer lab and music classroom have System Sensor MA/SS-24 horn/strobes set to 2400Hz continuous

Finally, the self-contained classroom, the ESL classroom and the OT/PT room have Edwards Integrities set to code-3

Re: Make Up a System (2.0)

Posted: Fri Apr 19, 2019 1:07 pm
by idontwannaknow
Medium Hills, a large wealthy neighborhood first constructed in 1975, did not have any form of fire alarm system except smoke alarms on every level, with the starting alarms being BRK 1839ACIs. Houses were typically two-story and had basements, so often enough— unless people changed/installed others— there were normally 3 alarms per household. That all changed in 2019.

In 2019, Medium Hills decided to install a maxed out Silent Knight 6820 fire alarm panel which was in a small hut-like structure at the southern entrance, and it was interconnected to every house in the neighborhood. Functioning like a high-rise system, each road/section had its own part. For example: if fire was detected on Sandy Dr, a message would be played saying that all residents on Sandy Dr and close intersecting streets should evacuate, other households stay cautious. As there are 230 houses in the neighborhood, this post will be directed to a regular 2-story house on the most eastern side of the neighborhood.

Before I move on with the select house, I want to give a brief overview of the neighborhood itself and what it looks like…

All fire hydrants on the sides of roads have white Wheelock ET70WP speaker/strobes. These are installed on concrete polls straight behind the hydrants that look as if they “fit in” with the surrounding environment so that they aren’t eyesores. The park itself has a speaker/strobe on a bulky pole facing the basketball court, and the combined 200ft x 200ft mock-baseball field and playground have two speaker/strobes on the north and south sides. The east and west sides however have remote ET-1010-W speakers. A gazebo in the middle of the district has an ET-1010-W on the ceiling. One SK PSSATK is installed outside the panel hut with instead a white Wheelock ASWP horn/strobe connected to it. All these alarms are set to 110 candela and 4 watts.

Moving on, the select house- 7851 Mitch Ave- is on a section with 12 other mostly identical houses, 6 on each side of the road. Connected to the 6820, the place has many of the same features as the other ones, so let's run it down, eh?

SMOKE DETECTORS:: Smoke detectors are mounted similarly to normal residential smoke alarms, almost too similarly to the point that both of these are usually mounted together. All houses have SK-PHOTO-Ws, installed once on each level typically near sleeping areas. The laundry room, master bedroom, living room, and dining room all have these devices too. SK-HEAT-Ws are installed in garages, the attic loft + bedroom, and the back of the kitchen. Actual smoke alarms, being of the First Alert brand are installed in every bedroom and next to each leveled PHOTO appliance.

PULL STATIONS:: These— being the PS-SAs— are found on both laundry room doors, back door, and finally the front door. The same weatherproof model (PSSATK) on the panel hut is found in the garage rooms. There are two notable garage “rooms” but one of them has 2 doors instead of one, and each door has a weatherproof pull station attached to it. The boiler room, sun room exit, and the second story deck exit in the master bedroom have PS-DAs.

FIRE ALARMS:: All fire alarms are of the System Sensor white L-Series brand, contrasting the outdoor Wheelock NAs (although some houses closer to the neighborhood exits have Wheelock LED speakers). Most if not all of these notification appliances are ceiling mount.

Speaker strobes: Pretty much every single room has this. Most only have one, excluding the kitchen and the family room, as those have two and four respectively due to size. The sun room, master bathroom, garages, and breezeway have Advance weatherproof speaker/strobes.

Remote speakers: Only one remote speaker is installed in the house, and that is between the two walk-in closets in the master bedroom.

Remote strobes: All individual toilet rooms and walk-in closets from earlier have these, smallish bathrooms with showers have weatherproofed Advance strobes.

Low Freq Horns: Each sleeping area has a SpectrAlert Advance remote low frequency sounder mounted on the wall. The two bedrooms + master on the second floor, the attic loft, the spare bedroom on the first floor, and the three bedrooms in the basement have these. A Wheelock low frequency horn/STROBE is mounted incorrectly on the ceiling within the corridor of the basement bedrooms.

Outdoor: This house’s front door overhang, same as the other homes, has an unmarked red Advance strobe in the center as a sprinkler alarm to differentiate from the actual system. The back deck has a wall mounted Advance speaker/strobe with the connected pergola having a ceiling mounted device instead.

This is my first all-neighborhood system lol so ask if you don’t understand certain parts so I can try and clarify.

Re: Make Up a System (2.0)

Posted: Fri Apr 19, 2019 2:48 pm
by Simplex 4051
This is another system that I have which is out of the box. John Muir middle school is the name and the majority of the equipment is Gentex.
In most of the school, the alarms are first generation Gentex SHG horn/strobes

Located in the enrichment classroom, the business education classroom and the weight room are Simplex 2901-9833 horns on 2903-9101 strobe plates

Two rooms, the band and the computer technology classroom have Siemens U-HNH horn/strobes

Over in the large group instruction room, there is a Wheelock 34 on a Space Age Electronics AV32 flasher

The locker rooms for the gymnasium and one corridor have Gentex Commander 1 horn/strobes

Finally, the exterior, a vestibule next to the pool room and a second floor exit vestibule has Gentex Commander 2 horn/strobes

Re: Make Up a System (2.0)

Posted: Sat Apr 27, 2019 12:09 am
by idontwannaknow
New system which utilizes the brand new Edwards/EST/Kidde/Vigilant/whatever LED series!!!

Birch First Daycare was built in 2002, and was a smallish building with 6 mid-sized rooms, 8 small rooms, a forum, a few office spaces, and a couple bathrooms. Currently, the system has a Kidde FX-5RD series panel, which replaced the older Edwards FireShield in 2019 due to a power surge. Lets take a look at the devices.


Smoke detectors are all Kidde V-PCOS installed in every single room, near fire doors, and every 10 feet in halls. Older Edwards SIGAs can be found disconnected in bathrooms mounted inches away from the new detectors. Many of the smaller rooms have them connected however. Pull stations are placed at every exit from hallways to rooms, being Edwards 270-SPOs left over from the previous system.


Hallways have Kidde 4x4 G4 Genesis horn/strobes, which are mounted on the original Integrity boxes. The vertical G1 horn/strobes are found in most rooms where the single-gang 202-7A-001 strobes were mounted. Larger rooms also have a G4 horn/strobe above a pull by the playground door. A G1 strobe is behind the front desk in the forum. Bathrooms and other areas have G1 strobes too, replacing the Integrity strobes. A single person restroom near the front door has an Integrity strobe. All meeting/office spaces have xenon Genesis strobes that had not gotten replaced.