Simplex Graphic Comand Center via IMS in PC annunciator

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Wed May 23, 2018 3:44 pm

I recently got a simplex 4190 8101 :D only one problem.....cant get into the GCC or IMS runtime because it’s looking for the dongle. Anyone on here know where I can get a tech dongle? Also inside the IMS is also the 4100 series programmer too!!!! I’d really like a dongle so I can get this to work. As most of you know on here I own 2 4100Us a 4100ES and a 4010ES and could really use that dongle. If anyone is open for trades I have a 4100U RS232 download cable. Maybe someone knows somebody who can get one? I’d really like one some how someway! Any responses or insites would be helpful and
Much appreciated!

Mr truealert
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