Fire Alarm Collection - December 2016

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Hello everyone,

I am new here on the TFP forums but I have been collecting for approximately 5 or 6 years. My interest started out when I was in preschool in the early-mid 2000's and has pretty much turned into a full blown hobby. I though I'd list all of the devices in my collection and I will eventually get around to posting a video of my collection on my YouTube channel when I get the time and when I'm able to dig everything out of storage. Anyway, everything in my collection is listed below.


*Notifier NFS2-640.
*Gamewell/FCI 7100-2D.
*1970's SH Couch control panel (Unknown Model #).

Initiating Devices:

*Gamewell MS-95.
*Gamewell XP95P.
*Gamewell/FCI MS7-A.
*Gamewell M-69.
*FCI MS-2.
*Honeywell S464A.
*Notifier NBG12-LX's (X5).
*Notifier NBG-10LX's (X2).
*Notifier FSP-751.
*Notifier FSP-851.
*Notifier LNG-1R.
*Fire-Lite BG-6.
*Faraday 10123-1.
*Kidde B5 (with general alarm switch).
*Simplex 2099-9795.
*Simplex 4251-20.
*SH Couch Coded Pull Station (Unknown Model #).

Notification Appliances:

*Wheelock 7002T-24.
*Wheelock 7002-24.
*Wheelock V7001-24.
*Wheelock ES-EL1+WS-24.
*Wheelock WS-24.
*Wheelock RSS-24MCW.
*Wheelock HSR.
*Wheelock E-70-24MCW.
*Wheelock 34-24.
*Wheelock ET-1010+WS-24.
*Simplex 2901-9806.
*Simplex 2901-9838.
*Simplex 2903-9101.
*Simplex 4903-9101.
*Simplex 49AV-WRF-BA (TrueAlert ES).
*Simplex 4906-9153.
*Simplex 4903-9236.
*Simplex 4903-9150.
*Simplex 4904-9137's (X4).
*System Sensor P2R.
*System Sensor PC2R.
*System Sensor SR.
*System Sensor SPSR.
*System Sensor SPSCWV.
*System Sensor P1224MC.
*System Sensor PC241775.
*System Sensor MASS-1575ADA
*System Sensor SS-1224ADA.
*Space Age Electronics AV-32.
*Amseco BZ-51.
*SH Couch 350.


*Notifier FMM-1.
*Potter water flow switch.
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