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Hey everyone,

I have a UDACT Dialer installed in my Notifier NFS-640 Onyx series FACP and I would like to connect it to a local phone network to where the panel can call a phone I will be setting up if any off-normal conditions occur. The question is how do I go about this? I don’t have telephone lines in my home that I can use, so the Dialer needs to be on an isolated phone system that I would have to build myself. So the question is do I connect the Dialer directly to a reciever, then to a phone? I would prefer to use an IP based phone system (like Cisco or Avaya), so does anyone know what receiver or parts I would need for something like that to communicate with the UDACT? I know this is kind of a complicated question, but if anyone can help me I’d really appreciate it. Thank you again!
-Nick B.
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To be sure you are aware, you do know that panels do not communicate by vocals, it's all dial tones or SIA (sounds like a modem). The panel will throw a trouble when it does not receive the "kissoff" confirmation tone from a reporting station. I have designed a system for NewAgeServerAlarm years ago, and it does work, but it requires a number of parts and knowledge that would be simply not be worth it for a single phone line setup like a panel. If you Google "alarmreceiver" or "alarm receiver", you can see multiple projects, and videos of it in action.

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