Simplex 4005 - Passcodes - Beating a dead horse

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Tue Dec 12, 2017 12:57 pm

Hello TFP forums!

I’m new to the boards but not to FA work and Fire Safety. I live in Canada and hold a CFAA ceritification. I’m a professional installer, as I am also a 309A Electrician.

I am currently doing an annual fire inspection in a building with a Simplex 4005 system installed. There are two NAC/Relay cards installed with only 4 signals and 2 relays in use. It seems one of the diodes for circuit 2 has given up and is letting 24V through constantly. Since I have spare relays I was hoping to “abandon” circuit 2 and use a spare relay that’s already programmed as signal.

The problems is no Level 4 access!! I’ve got Level 3, but that obviously doesn’t help me. All the passcodes have been changed from default.

I know this topic has come up before, and I’m hoping for DM from someone whose got 99 years of Simplex experience to help get me out of this jam.

My only other recourse is to ask the building administration to try and find out from the technicians who changed it. This is my second year at this property, so Level 4 hasn’t come up here. I fear my customer is going to be in for a $1000 service call from Simplex if I can’t get this easy problem solved!!

Thanks in advance!
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Tue Dec 12, 2017 5:55 pm

Welcome to the forums! Given that I'm not a technician, I can't give you advice, but I hope you have luck getting that code. Feel free to look around while you're here!
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