Something Interesting About a SS Siren

Here you can post videos and pictures of your DEMONSTRATION alarm systems. Please don't post anything related to a system actually used for protection from burglaries so a crook couldn't see how the system works, and know how to disable it. (Highly unlikely, but... lol)
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Mon Oct 12, 2015 5:31 pm

electronicwiz101 wrote:
  • Filtered: Smooth and slow
    FWR: Raspy (duh) and fast
Any ideas on why the speed changes?
I came in here expecting to see some video about the SchultzStaffel...

Anyway, FWR uses more power, it is also unfiltered so this makes it kinda jumpy which makes the siren jumpy as well. Was that rectifier you asked us about used in this video? :P
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