How often do Alarm Panels send incorrect event code

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Hi, I don't mean completely incorrect event codes, just DTMF tones that central station doesn't pick up due to noise in the tone. I am asking because I am using a software called Asterisk that does not have 100% success rate at receiving the DTMF tones, some digits get dropped, causing the alarm panel to hang up and try again. However, I have configured Asterisk enough to receive the event codes from my alarm panel with about 1.16 average retries from the panel; however, I feel like the industry standard of retries required by alarm panels is much less. But I'm not sure about that because my alarm panel has a default setting of 8 retries. So I guess my question is, are there any statistics on how often alarm panels have to recall/resend event codes to central station. Is my software wrong or is noise in DTMF tones just the way it is? Thanks!
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