Looking for 4050-80 and 2903-9001 light plates

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Looking for 4050-80 and 2903-9001 light plates

Postby jm2014 » Sun Oct 22, 2017 12:40 pm

Hi everyone,
I realize they are extremely rare and probably all sold out but I am really looking for several 4050-80 and 2903-9001 light plates. If anyone has multiples of these items, I am willing to negotiate prices or trade. I don't care if the lights don't work (they can be fixed) as long as the housing is together and the lens is attached. I'll be able to buy next Friday. Here's what I have to trade if anyone is interested.

Alarms willing to trade:
(x3) Simplex 4050's (12vac, 1.5 amps)
(x3) Simplex 4051's (24vdc, 0.2 amps)
(x3) Simplex 4251-20s
(x3) Gamewell rebranded Wheelock MT-24-LSM
(x2) Simplex 4903-9105 strobe plates
(x2) Simplex 4901-9805 horns
(x2) Wheelock EH-DL1-24-WM
(x1) Gentex SHG-24-1575R

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