Wanted: Sears Early One Smoke detector (squealer horn), Dicon 200

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Thu Oct 04, 2018 9:53 pm

Hi guys, as a lot of you know I am starting a collection, actually already started a small collection of vintage smoke detectors as well as a vintage bell. Im looking mostly for 1970s units that are 9 volt battery powered. If anyone here is selling a Sears Early One unit with the squealer horn, a Dicon 200 also with the squealer horn (units were very popular in Canada from 1976 to 1978) or the Westclox smoke signal also with the squealer horn. Im interested in these units. My parents had them in their old house but they got pitched before I could get them. They all ran on 9 volt batteries. I don't have an ebay account but I was able to get my First Alert SA76RS from someone on this forum last year who was not a collector. Hope there is someone with one of these detectors out there somewhere.
Im also interested in General electric units from the 1970s as well.

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