fire alarm devices i wish i could have in the future

Discussion of all things related to fire alarms, including alarm systems, fire alarm collections, sirens, sprinklers, fire drills, evacuations, actual fires, building architecture, other kinds of safety drills like tornado and earthquake drills and such, etc.
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this is a list of devices I wish I could have in the future, I'm not asking for anything, i'm just saying what I wish I could have.

1: Simplex 4005 (might get one for Christmas, hopefully I do)
2: Simplex 2901-9838 and 4903-9101
3: EST 792-7A-006 horn strobe
4: Fire Lite ms-9200
5: Notifier system 500
6: EST quickstart
7: Wheelock EHS-EL1
8: Notifier afp-400
9: Simplex 4002
10: Simplex 4010
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