Nick's (Rather Large) Fire Alarm Collection

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Hi folks,

Well, I think its about time that I finally show off my rather large collection. I have actually been collecting fire alarm equipment for close to eight years now, but have never really involved myself in the community until now. Initially, when I had first started collecting, I didn't purchase all that much. I would purchase a few devices every once in a while, but that was about it. I really didn't start expanding my collection until about two years ago, when I got my first panel (that being a Gamewell-FCI 7100, which I still have). I have been working on expanding my collection even further since then, and have probably spent over a thousand dollars collectivley on this hobby. However, without further ado, here is the list of everything that I own, ranging from panels, to devices and some pretty rare stuff:

Fire Alarm Control Panels:

1: 4100U addressable FACP (still not complete yet, needs a two bay cabinet).
2: 4010-9101 addressable FACP (Older 4010, Pre-ES).
3: 2001-3081 conventional "Repack" FACP (Rare version with the 120V AC signal circuit card).

1: FireFinder XLS addressable FACP (My most recent purchase).

1: EST-2 addressable FACP.

1: AFP-200 addressable FACP.

1: 7100-2D addressable FACP.

Silent Knight:
1: 5700 addressable FACP.

1: MS-10UD-7 conventional FACP.


1: 4603-9101 (Older style, used with 4100 series).
2: 4606-9101 (Newer style, used with the 4010/4010ES series).

1: LCD-80TM.

Initiating Devices:

1: 4099-9001 addressable single action pull station.
2: 4099-9003 addessable double action pull station.
3: 4098 series TrueAlarm heat and smoke detectors with addressable bases.
4: Simplex 4251-20.
5: Simplex 2099-9795 addressable single action pull station (older MAPNET II protocol).
6: 4090 IAM/ZAM modules.

1: FSP-751 addressable smoke detectors with bases (predecessor to the FSP-851).
2: FSP -851 addressable smoke detector with base.
3: FST-851 addressable heat detector with base.
4: FDM dual monitor modules.
5: NBG-12LX addressable pull stations.
6: FRM relay module.
7: BGX-101L addressable pull station (older CLIP protocol).

1: MSM-KD conventional pull station + HTRI-M mini monitor module.
2: FP-11 addressable smoke detector with base.

1: SIGA-RMI monitor modules.
2: SIGA-PS addressable smoke detector with base.

1: MS-7AF addressable pull station.
2: MS-95 addressable pull station (addressable Century series pull)
3: XP95A addressable smoke detector with base (addressable Apollo series smoke detector).

1: BG-10L conventional pull station.
2: MMF-301 mini monitor module.
3: BG-12L conventional pull station.
4: BG-12 conventional pull station.

1: S464A conventional pull station.

Notification Appliances:

1: 4906-9127 TrueAlert horn strobes.
2: 4906-9129 TrueAlert horn strobes.
3: 4903-9237 horn strobe.
4: 49AV-WRF TrueAlert ES horn strobes.
5: 4906-9153 TrueAlert speaker strobes.
6: 4906-9154 TrueAlert speaker strobe (ceiling mount).
7: 4906-9101 TrueAlert strobes.
8: 2903-9101 strobe plate.
9: 2901-9806 horn.
10: 4903-9101 strobe plate.
11: 2901-9838 horn.

System Sensor:
1: P2R horn strobes.
2: PC2R horn strobes (ceiling mount).
3: P2WL horn strobe (L series).
4: P1224MC horn strobe (SpecrAlert classic).
5: MASS24ADA horn strobe (ADA MASS).
6: PC241575 horn strobe (ceiling mount, SpectrAlert classic).

1: HSR horn strobe (Exceder series).
2: AS-24MCW horn strobe.
3: RSS-24MCW strobe.
4: ZNS-24MCW horn strobe.
5: NS-24MCW horn strobe.
6: E70-24MCW speaker strobe.
7: 7002T-24 horn strobe.

1: GEC3-24WR horn strobe (Commander 3 series).

1: ZH-MC-R horn strobe (rebranded Wheelock ZNS).

Well, I THINK that about covers it for my collection....all though I'm not entirely sure, as I more than likely have stuff packed away that I can't remember at the moment....anyways I thought sharing my collection would be a good way to introduce myself to the community. Hopefully I can become more involved with the community as time moves on, as I think its about time for me to become involved after nearly eight years of collecting anyways. :mrgreen:
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Really great collection that you have so far! It looks very great!
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Nice collection! Can you send me some pictures of your 2903 strobe plate, and the 2901-9806? I want to know if your 2903-9101 is the newer or older one. Mine is the older one. And, who doesn't like the 9806? :D
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