Siemens Pyrotronics smb-2 ground fault

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We have Siemens Pyrotronics fire alarm system. Everything works fine but Ground Fault light stays on. Upon troubleshooting it was determined that main board smb-2 has ground fault. There are many companies online selling working smb-2 boards. Can another working board be swapped to our system? Or does it also require programming of the board? Where can we find this program and who can install it?
Many local fire alarm companies are trying to sell us expensive new systems instead of repairing it.

Your help is appreciated.
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Based on what I can find documentation-wise, the SMB-2 identifier tells me that the panel is a Siemens-Cerberus Pyrotronics MXL-IQ. This panel is NLA but the parts may still be available.

If not, contact your nearest Siemens dealer/distributor. The MXL-IQ can be migrated to a current FireFinder XLS panel without having to replace any field devices. This will probably be the most cost-effective option in the long run.
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The smb-2 is the mxl-iq main board and will require at minimum a Siemens dealer with csgm and the know how to use it. If it has been previously programmed , you
Will have to contact Siemens for. Password of the day request for your tech to be able to program it.
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Clarification: does the ground fault stay active when the technician removed all the field wiring from the SMB-2? If so, you have a faulty board and it must be replaced and re-programmed. This can only be done by a Siemens dealer. Depending on if it was locked out by the original installer, you may need to get them involved.

If the ground fault is associated with one of the circuits connected to the SMB-2, any company can work on it as they just need to find the ground fault in the wiring within the building. A ground fault occurs when one of the fire alarm circuit conductors touches ground, which may be a metal electrical box or metal framing. They most often occur due to construction or building maintenance.

Call the company to clarify which of the two situations you are dealing with, as one will be much more of an ordeal than the other.
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