4100U reverse engineering effort: Panel crash - bad CFIG version, how to recover?

Ok, I will start looking

I recently ripped out a perfectly fine 4007es because the customer disliked jc. I was able to connect with 6.02.010 and I looked at all the hardware cc etc. I made a label change, rebuilt the job, then downloaded it back but now I get a master crash code 34. How do I recover? I used to do a lot of 4100u programming 10yearsago.

I get it today hopefully. Where are you located may I ask? I am near Dearborn Michigan.

Try downloading with usb instead of ethernet if thats what you are using

Sounds like them & you are my kind of people (at least if you dislike JCI too).

USB as in serial port ? Do you happen to know the pinouts ?

msg me and I can try to help

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I got the pinouts and I can see activity in tera term but it fails to upload. I don’t think I need to be logged into level 4. Its been a while since I uploaded from a U. I have an ES in my basement, lots of fun with uploading / downloading it.

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What you did wrong was open the program in a newer programmer than the job was built with, there is now a mismatch between the config and the card firmwares. In the programmer look through the history of program changes and try to figure out what was the programmer that it was using before and build a new job from it (unless you have the original backup then you can restore it). If you don’t have the right programmer just PM me. Ill try to find it but right now JCI servers are down.

I am trying to upload. I noticed the JCI servers have been dark for a bit.
I am using 12.06, same as the panel.

4100U panels use different programmers than the 4007ES, a few days ago i upgraded a 4007ES to a newer programmer 6.04.02 but i forgot to change bins directory and it failed to upgrade the bins while sending the program to the panel. It gave me an error 34(pretty sure). Was able to fix it by reflashing from earlier program(in this case 6.01.02). Normally before changing the program in any simplex panel you want to make sure that the config will match the bin files installed. If not you need to take additional steps in making sure there is no mismatch.

I have the 4100U programmer and I was connected with a serial cable to the 4100U trying to do an upload. Total failure… not sure why. Its been a while since I connected to a U. I also have the 4100ES programmer and I connect with an ethernet cable for ES programming, totally separate event. I have issues but mostly I work through them and in this context its just panels that I have on my bench although the U was on a site.

I am using 6.02. All is good ( I think )

You’ll need to use the 12.08.02 programmer/bins for a U - these are the latest ones available. 6.02 is only for the 4100ES. (There are also some 14.xx firmwares, but these are only for Us with the pre-ES NXP CPU with the CF card, which are VERY rare. These CPU cards also can do Ethernet upload.)

Also make sure the serial cable is the right side up, and that the drivers are installed correctly on your OS. I’ve also run into issues with the job builder on Win10, and have had to use a Win7 box/VM to get the builder to run.