Carbon Monoxide False Alarm Experience

OK, fine. I have better things to do anyways.

Sorry about changing my story. My writing class has helped mess up my story by teaching me “creative thinking”.
But still, why are the moderators so rude?

You are blaming school for lying? Still waiting on the photo of the furnace.

None of the other moderators/admins are rude. I am the only one guilty of that and in this case I am only being very critical. You took the incorrect action which you should be educated on, and your story changed. You also called someone an idiot in your original post. I don’t know what you really expect? A gift? Life is not all compliments and hugs.

No, my writing class teaches me to stretch the truth to make things more interesting, and I implemented those things without knowing. It’s a Carrier furnace, and the certified firefighter said that there’s no way to prevent a little gas from coming out when it starts. I’ll take a picture later today. The only window visible from the front of the house was on the second floor. They knocked on my door, and I rushed to it. (I was using creative writing about being there before they knocked it down)

My computers are also never shut down. I have 2 in my room on 24-7, and you may have an ac return in your room, or not have it above your uninsulated garage.

I still do not know why you are stressing over me calling one person an idiot (because you have too). It really is not that big of a deal.

Stretch the truth – meaning instead of changing it, elaborate on it or be creative but do not change the truth as it is.

How do you know the firefighter was certified? Did you ask him to show you his papers?

There’s no windows anywhere else on the front of your house than the second floor? Do you live in a bunker? lol.

You are a kid who does not need computers on 24/7 let alone for more time that it takes to complete homework. I hope you contribute to the household electrical bill.

My house is classified as a “mansion” as per the town assessors database. It has over 19 rooms. My bedroom and office is located on the third floor. It is fully insulated and the ac WOULD NOT BE ON WHEN IT’s FOURTY DEGREES OUTSIDE. So please do not atempt to make it sound as if deficiencies or a cooling system would effect the tempreture.

You are DONE … beyond done. As is this thread. I am tired of this story changing every time you post.

You got caught… DONE