Create a fire alarm brand/fire alarm device

I can try i might mess up the paw again

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Just take your time and it will be awesome to see

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Have you had chance to draw your fictional fire alarm device with your fictional brand on it?

i am working on it now

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Nice, I like the design of the notification appliance

I’ll probably draw a quick sketch of my fire alarm device.

What is your favourite fictional fire alarm brand?

  • Wilkintech
  • FTW Alarms
  • Furryalarms
  • Alterator Life Safety

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I have a drawing, I just need to finish it

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My Company is Ryder Life Safety.

Me and @MrFireAlarm have an agreement in which I will install his appliances. Such as the CS-7, or his line of N/As. (This should work since we know each other IRL.)

For Security, Vista systems will be used with their ability to interconnect with MFA’s panels.

Not only will I install and maintain systems, but also other brands and systems installed by other people.

I have not thought on manufacturing my own series of devices, however they would probably be Multi Tone and Addressable.

If anyone is interested in partnering with me, let me know. I find that we all should be working towards 1 common goal, coming together to keep people safe and property safe, especially when it comes to Fire Protection.

Ryder Life Safety is only a small subdivision of Ryder. Inc. Our Residential Branch, Ryder Alarm also specializes in life safety. Not only do we do Life Safety, but Event Services, Security, Smart Automation.


Since Wilkintech and MFA are owned by the same parent company, will you install both?


Alterator Life Safety doesn’t just do fire protection but we also build and install warning sirens as well as weather radios for commercial and residential applications.


Yes, MFA has informed me before on this mutual agreement so yes, depending on the application and your permission, Wilkintech devices can be installed by RLS.


To add on, My Fire Alarm Manufacturer, “FireSense” is working on some larger projects as well, such as simple 1 NAC 1 Zone Panels, To Multi Zone Intelligent Panels.

I will release more information once I start the project.


I had a lucid dream last night with some rather unique devices. I was visiting a college and exploring one of their buildings when I found these speaker strobes mounted in the hallways.

This is the Phoenix Systems “Pyrocom” SS-24-H, a 24VDC, high-candela speaker strobe.

Since all I knew about it was what it looked like, I decided to give it a little backstory.

Phoenix Systems Corp was a fairly small alarm systems manufacturer based in, quite appropriately, Phoenix, Arizona. The company mostly rebranded Space Age Electronics and Federal Signal horns, horn strobes, and a variety of pull stations when it was established in 1982.

However, in the early 90s, Phoenix got into manufacturing its own devices in the “Pyrocom” series, such as the SS-24-H. They mostly used spare parts from Faraday, as seen with the modified mounting plate. They also made panels and pull stations. However, these devices are unfortunately considered extinct.

Faraday was bought out by Siemens in 1995, which would ultimately be the same fate for Phoenix in 1997, just a year before Cerberus Pyrotronics would also be purchased by Siemens.

I would’ve posted this in any of the “fire alarms from dreams” posts on the forums, but they were dead, and I didn’t want to necro-post.

Please let me know if you think it should be moved.


redoing the history of FTW Alarms
History of FTW Alarms:

FTW Bell and Clock Company Limited was established in 1872 in Liverpool, England as a manufacturer of solenoid bells and electric clocks that were manufactured in the company’s Liverpool Docks factory, in 1895 the company renamed itself to FTW Fire Alarm Company Limited.
FTW Fire Alarm Company released the FTW Fire Alarm Company Model 2 electromechanical fire siren which was launched in 1902 and was discontinued in 1952 when the Model 4 electronic fire alarm system was released. In 1960, FTW Fire Alarm Company was acquired by Dixon Signalling Company Limited, who renamed themselves to FTW Signalling Company Limited, trading as FTW Signal, the company relaunched the fire alarm manufacturing business as a division called FTW Alarms.
In 1972, the FTWA-200 4 zone conventional fire alarm panel was launched, in 1987, the FTWA- 18 zone addressable fire alarm panel was released alongside the FTWA Series 230 addressable smoke detector.
In 1992, a new logo for FTW Alarms and FTW Signal was launched alongside the FTW Alarms FireAlert 36 zone intelligent addressable fire alarm control panel and the FTW Alarms 34490-O-H-S optical heat (optical smoke and heat) sensor sounder, both of which are still made as of present.
Every device manufactured by FTW Alarms will say manufactured by FTW Signal for FTW Alarms as FTW Signal is the owner of the FTW Alarms brand.

FTW Alarms 34490-O-H-S
Addressable optical smoke/heat sensor with integrated horn sounder
Powered by FireAlert protocol
Requires FireAlert protocol to work
Manufactured by FTW Signal for FTW Alarms
Designed and made in the UK

©1992, FTW Alarms
©1992, FTW Signal

©1992, FTW Signalling Company Limited, trading as FTW Signal and FTW Alarms

The sounder has 3 tones:

Not exactly a fire manufacturing company, but more so my idea for my own service company. With the way things are going in my province with some companies being bought out more and more, and my boss retiring in the next few years, I’m hoping this becomes a reality within the next 5 to 10 years.