Download PireMonitor: A Raspberry Pi Program to monitor your Fire Alarm System

I’ve been working very hard all day to get a working system to use a cheap Raspberry Pi to send me emails or texts when my always on system in my house is activated. I call it PireMonitor (Pi for Raspberry Pi? Spelled like Fire? It’s Punny…) Anyway! I finally have a working version 1 Python script available for download here:

The software uses the dry contacts on the fire panel, along with the GPIO of the Raspberry Pi to automatically send information for Fire, Trouble, or Supervisory. For us collectors who have an always on system, this software is great for you! It’s free and open source, so why not try it? Simply download the script, follow the setup instructions in my file on BitBucket, and you’re good to go!

Feel free to ask me any questions you may have! Below is an example of how text notifications work 100% for free just by sending an email to your phone number’s associated address! ([email protected])

I will say that I’m a little extra proud of this program as it is the first practical program I have written, and the applications could be used for so much more! A security monitor to send an alert when a door opens, or a motion sensor trips. Play around with the program to determine what is best for you, and let me know what you do! The only thing I ask is that if you choose to add it to your home system, and make a video discussing it, please drop my name in there, and link to my bitbucket so others can share. Would love to spread this around, and get your feedback!

Very nice! This is along the lines of something I have been interested in trying to develop. I have a similar device to the Raspberry Pi and I am trying to use it to monitor the RS-232 terminal output of a fire alarm panel and forward it to my phone. Almost all modern fire alarm panels have an RS-232 output for a printer, either on the main board or as a module. If you are savvy with simple programming, it should be a piece of cake to monitor this output and send every message to a remote device using SMS, email, or some other protocol.

The goal is to add RS-232 support! Working on that in order to make it happen! Keep an eye on BitBucket and I hope to make revisions!

Im having an issue with the smpt server. It keeps saying authentication failed. Can I not use a google or yahoo email address?

This code is very old and doesn’t account for modern authentication that Google requires for SMTP sending. I can’t speak for Yahoo. Some info here: