HenBasket’s Main System Tests

System Test 37, with SpectrAlerts that sound propey this time. No weird cooldown from the Advances being coded!

Ah, yes one device being one beat off with the rest. I think this is relatively normal with system sensor sync. It generally resolves itself quickly.

System Test 38, where the smork alams return and the L-Series makes its debut

I love how you call them smork alarms

System Test 39, with that Gamewell pull station I repurposed simplex wire cage to make a mounting plate for

My 2023 New Years Sound-Off, which also doubles as System Test 40

Forgot to post System Test 41 here

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And System Test 42, which premieres in 15 minutes from the sending of this message


System Test 43 (ft. @EthanBlaisAlarms)

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