History of fire alarms, by generation

Those interested in the history of video games may know that consoles are classified by generation. I thought I’d do the same for fire alarms. Hope you all like it.

I’m not very knowledgeable about smoke detectors, or where non-Simplex panels would fall. Input would be appreciated, and please let me know if I got anything wrong.

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This is a really nice topic! It will be very helpful when I make up other systems! It came together really nicely! Great job!

I feel like the second generation is more mid-50s to mid-60s, and the third is more late '60s to very early '80s. I think the Federal 30A also deserves a mention for the second generation, and the Faraday and Federal horns (Simplex 404x and 405x respectively) for the third. But otherwise, it’s pretty spot on!

I would also like to know where the electromechanical Edwards Adaptahorn will fit into all of this because you have two of the AC ones.

Those would definitely be good examples of second- and third- generation alarms! I guess my framework is coming in handy after all.

I’m thinking they would fall into the third generation since I think they are contemporaries with the Simplex 4051.

the simplex 4003 would also fit in with the 6th generation devices.

In 6th generation the 4100 became the 4100+. Also the 4020 was introduced.

Maybe if you know the exact years and months, maybe you can put those down so people really know when each fire alarm came out, although you don’t have to if you don’t want to, it’s just a suggestion. But otherwise, I like this list! I think it was pretty helpful for the most part to determine their generations. Also, I was born in the 9th generation with the TrueAlerts, Advances, Exceeders, etc.