LOTS of Old Brochures

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The metallic detector on the left is HIGHLY radioactive and contains large amounts of radium, instead of safer americium. Those detectors even came with warnings: WARNING! RADIOACTIVE. Avoid prolonged proximity to this device.

Woah, these are fantastic finds! Thanks for sharing them.

The Fire-Lite voice system with the multicoloured modules is particularly interesting as it looks like it might be a rebranded Electro Vox system. If that’s indeed the case, I didn’t realize that Fire-Lite had rebranded these products at one point. Interestingly, this is the first time I see a photo of one of these panels equipped with what appears to be a cassette deck.

WHERE DID YOU FIND THESE!? I have been looking everywhere for emhart notifier stuff

Are some of those catalogs available on the Internet Archive?