My brother voted for Trump

Should he be beat down for that? And he is in the Navy to boot. What a American flag waving POS! I mean what a piece of work! I mean how can he vote for someone that is against the rights of my own mother? I heard Trump wants to take away the rights of women to vote and drive! I think he should be permanently silenced along with all other Trump voters.


watched a little too much of that march today huh?

Also, not even a few hours after he was inaugurated, many pages from whitehouse.gve were removed…

It’s also likely that we will need to say goodbye to net neutrality.

Thankfully, I’ll be old enough to vote in the next election (assuming he doesn’t get impeached and Pence can’t take over). Not that it will make a difference…

they always archive the old page and start a clean page when a new potus comes in. people are making way to big of a deal out of that. he has his own website, not the previous presidents website.

That makes sense…

Guess I let my feelings force me on the bandwagon and to abandon logic.

That’s what politics is all about!

I voted for Gary Johnson, so I have the right to complain.


Needless to say, I think we really ought to keep politics off TFP, as this can lead to flame wars. I propose a motion to lock this thread.

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Although the discussion has been civil so far (thanks, guys :smiley: ), I agree. Topic Locked.

Keep in mind this decision was made in the interest of preventing potential disputes, and does not reflect the political views of myself or the TFP Staff Team.

Thank you!

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