Old Cerberus Pyrotronics voice systems?

I finally found the full message at the BoardWalk!

You can also hear the mini-horns in the rooms. Those things are VERY annoying!

The system has since been upgraded to a newer Siemens system with rebranded E50 speaker/strobes, and speakers in guest rooms.

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The Disney Vacation Club villas (which replaced half of the standard hotel rooms in 2017) actually have low-frequency sounders - not speakers. The remaining standard hotel rooms (which were refurbished recently) have Wheelock MIZ mini-horns. The villas are likely considered a new establishment, while the remaining standard hotel rooms are grandfathered.

As for the system upgrade, that took place later - I think it was sometime last year.


And Whispering Canyon Cafe has a few E70s as well.
Boulder Ridge has CP Speaker/Strobes and strobes, along with what I believe to be either mini horns or speakers in the guest rooms.

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Here is a video I found that appears to show a System 3 with voice evacuation, using the same scratchy tone as the video originally posted.

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Seems this was the CPV-90. I’ve seen a few photos of it that I’ve posted on here before. Also there are some cards for sale on ebay from this panel including a DMU-1 which was the message card for this system and apparently it has an option for 4 messages seeing that there is a rotary dial on the back of the card that is labeled “Message Select” and has 4 positions. I actually have a photo of the fully assembled panel with the door open however it is not my photo.

I’d be interested in seeing the photo…

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Fully assembled panel.

Wow! Where did that picture come from?

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I’m honestly not too sure. I believe it came from a campus but I can’t tell for certain.

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