"Overkill" systems

That masterbox is just as new as the panel, and the shed where this system is installed.

Boston - and several other Massachusetts cities - still supports the use of masterboxes.
(It’s not the only option, as the state building code allows a monitoring company to be used.)


I went to a BBQ restaurant with my dad and ate some good brisket and when we went in to pay i saw a simplex addressable system, and two speaker strobes in the very small dining room and the restaurant is very small

Is it a part of a network mass notification system? Also, is it monitoring another building as well?

Rare sighting of mircom in the US

They’re a lot more common than you might think, especially in the Northeast. Lots of Mircom in Mass and NY. Recently I’ve started to see them crop up in apartment buildings in VA and NC, much to my surprise. One is even voice evac. (The vast majority of apartment building systems I see are Fire-Lite with System Sensor NAs.)

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The rest stop could require the complexity of a 4100es such as specific relays that turn off the gas pumps. It could also be due to a network that they have with the other rest stops. In the Longhorn it could be required as to the amount of people it can hold and it could be considered an assembly area.