Rarest fire alarms you have seen inside a building

Sorry for the late reply, the call points are actually not the originals. The originals were made by Klaus Esser and were made entirely of metal.
But Siemens did some work on the building in the late 80s and early 90s. They mainly worked on the heating, but also replaced the call points.

The picture actually comes from the same guy from who I bought my ZETTLER call points

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I also found an old audio recording of myself from the system at the school I went to 8 years ago.
Unfortunately, I don’t remember much about this school.
I made a drawing of the fire alarm panel here as I can still remember it.

Unfortunately, I don’t know what the phone was for.
But I suspect it was for announcements over the loudspeakers.
I’m not 100% sure, but I suspect that the panel was built by ESSER. I believe the box under the FIRE light was the indicator which zone was activated.
I don’t know if the system is still used today.

Here’s a few for me, Edwards 892-2Bs: they were all over my middle and high schools (never saw them anywhere else). I did see 2903s in 2 buildings (local time library and a mall). A Macy’s at a local mall has a Secutron system with Gentex speaker/strobes (older ones with a rectangular strobe), never see them mentioned all that much.

I have seen two rare devices in my area. One is a Wheelock 7002-T on the outside of a coffee shop (inside system is a new conventional Gamewell system). The other extremely rare device that I have seen is a FIRE-LITE BG-5 under a STOPPER cover. this is inside an office depot (Will edit once I have pics)

Just visited the Office Depot, ad it was not a BG-5. some other old Honeywell pull station like a T-Bar

Picture (not mine)

I also saw a Space Age AV32 and a Gentex SHG near the Century Bank building in my profile picture when we were in the USA (Salem, Massachusetts) for the first time a few years ago.

Sorry for the poor image quality, my laptop refuses to read the SD card with the image on it.

A gentex SHG isn’t the rarest my school has over 20 of them but that space age AV32 is a nice find, I have only seen a space age AV32 once at a really really old hotel