What’s Your Favorite Weather Phenomena?

I got a scene from Gremlins 2. Is that right?

While I wouldn’t say that destructive weather is my favorite, I find it can be interesting. Around these parts we are looking at a possible hurricane going into early next week…on top of drenching rain in the days leading up to it. Again, not something I’d wish for, but it will be interesting to watch nonetheless.

As if today wasn’t bad enough!

Pfft. That little thing? It’s a just a rain maker is is all it is. :lol:

The ironic thing is, we’ve had more tropical systems in the last 5 years than Florida has in the last 10.

Those are rainmakers to Floridians. It might just be because we are a little bit more prepared. As soon as one is even close to getting near Florida, the National Guard is on standby.

I think the news media just likes to hype them up when it comes to hurricanes north of Florida. Sure they’re still dangerous, but we go through nasty coastal storms all through the year. People up here “panic” because they hear the word “hurricane” and it brings up images of terror and destruction in their minds. No worse then a strong winter nor’easter. :wink:

All the people who bought all that water are going to end up returning it! :lol:

Well…maybe. It sort of goes without saying, but it really depends on where exactly it hits. People who live several miles inland have little to worry about, unless their location is prone to flooding. People on the coast need to be careful though and prepare. Storm surge is the most dangerous element of a hurricane, plus coastal locations are susceptible to higher wind speeds. A lot of cities up here also have unique land features that can also make matters worse. For example, due to geography, cities such as New York and Providence are in precarious spots when a hurricane makes a visit. For example, just look at hurricanes Sandy and the “Long Island Express” and how they impacted those cities.

I’m guessing based on your location you likely live a bit inland. As much as Florida likes to brag about how accustomed to hurricanes they are, just ask residents in Miami how they feel. Even they know not to make light of a strong storm. With these kind of events its all about location. Coastal areas need to prepare and be on alert. My comments about the media hyping these storms is mostly in reference to those that live away from the shore. The news has a tendency to get them all worked up about it.

Tornadoes! they are scary, but are really cool to watch from a distance.

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My favorite weather phenomenon would have to be tornadoes. I have yet to actually see one, but I grew up watching films, documentaries, and of course Youtube videos of them. Just recently, I had an EF-1 tornado within 15 miles from my house, which kind of got me back into watching tornado videos again. It also reminded me of the March 2, 2012 Outbreak we had, when an EF-4 went through Piner, Kentucky, which is fairly close to me! I remember watching the rotating clouds above me and almost hoping to see a tornado. Of course, if I could pick where I wanted to see a tornado, it would be out in a field, somewhere away from civilization. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Either way, tornadoes are rare and cool weather phenomenon!

I probably already said this, but White Christmases. They rarely occur, and I only remember one.

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Well, at least where I live.

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Well, it seems that I can officially add snow to my list, in fact this winter has been more of a swinter if anything else. sigh Just waiting for that snow day.

You might be out of luck this year. Time is ticking on winter. Out here we’ve had about 5 inches for the entire winter so far, but it was scattered out over 3 storms. Its all gone now, nothing but grass. You might just get some snow, or at least have a better shot at it anyways. Most storms seem to be heading out to sea and brushing the Cape.

Speaking of good ol’ Cape Cod, one of the thunderstorms there knocked out “my” Sony Vaio, and caused the security panel to revert to 2004. The Vaio came with the house my family bought to rent out, so no real loss there. The security panel, on the other hand, randomly went into panic mode multiple times, so we had the dailer method changed. [/offtopic]

Firefly, you know that big storm that caused those big-[what A*T needs a good kick in] ice chunks? When my mom and I walked on the beach, it was cool to see the streaks the chunks left, and it was funny to see my Labrador find the water too cold.

Supposedly some decent thunderstorms went through last night, but I slept right through it. I guess the spring severe weather season is getting off to an early start.

Yup, got those around 20:30. I jumped out of the shower as soon as I heard the thunder.

Now, just watch there be a freakin’ blizzard in the middle of June.