What tones would you prefer for voice evac?

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Motivated by the comment above, I looked up in NFPA 72 and found that it also says that the tone shall be the emergency evacuation signal specified in 18.4.2, that is, the Temporal 3 pattern. This is present at least as far back as the 2010 edition. So, it would seem to me that voice evac systems are in fact required to use a Temporal 3 tone. What I don’t understand then, is how come there are so many voice evac systems installed within the last decade that use non-Temporal 3 tones, such as Slow Whoop. Am I interpreting the code wrong, or are all those systems violating the code?


Not necessarily. Some jurisdictions have not yet adopted those editions of code (eg. there’s a town I know of that still uses the 2002 edition of NFPA 72) or have their own additional codes that supersede NFPA.

When a jurisdiction adopts an NFPA code, they can choose to adopt the whole thing in its entirety or they can adopt it with their own changes thrown in. The latter is usually what ends up happening. So, some jurisdictions write that they want xyz in their voice evac tone instead of temporal-3, or they want continuous for their horn-strobes. They are totally allowed to do this, because NFPA codes are really just standards.

When you get to some cities like Las Vegas or Chicago, those places have very stringent local codes that are far more specific than any NFPA code, and those codes take precedence over NFPA.

I would like some sort of code 3 whoop and a script that says “may I have your attention please, the property emergency system has been activated, the emergency response team is currently investigating the cause of the alarm” and some sort of evacuation directions.

I like the Potter Evax code 3 whoop. I feel like that and the Simplex 4100U/ES whoop is the best tone. I personally HATE the default Simplex message and think that they should definitely change it. I think that some of the alternative messages are the way to go. My favorite message would probably be the Simplex one that says “There is a fire emergency in the building.” You are to leave the building by the nearest exit, or exit stairway.” Do not use the elevators.” I feel that this is the best message because it is effective, but short and to the point. It is also very hard to get confused by that message and the sort of creepy voice in that message also helps too.