There is a superfund site in my town!

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Sun Feb 17, 2019 10:22 am

So in my town there is a park that was built in 2008. This park is a very usual place to meet friends and family but next to it lays a superfund site.Here is some context, The facility was built in the late 1950s by Gaston Chemical Company (This is in North Carolina BTW) to produce dyes and pigments for the textile industry, Then the site was sold to Belle Chemical in 1961 and the site was demolished and the site that is here today was finished in 1962, The site was sold in 1968 to Harshaw Chemicals Inc, In 1978 Crompton and Knowles bought the site and then sold it to Yorkshire Americas Dyes & Chemicals Corp In 1996 until 2004 for safety reasons. Groundwater contamination was discovered during Crompton & Knowles' ownership years and Yorkshire Americas years at the site. Chemtura Corp, The company that bought Crompton and Knowles was found responsible for the groundwater contamination from 2004 until they went went out of business in 2010. The site was bought by Kings Mountain Ventures #1 LLC, The site had dumped many hazardous chemicals such as benzene into the South Fork Catawba River, Yorkshire Americas left many chemicals on site and the site lays there abandoned, Weirdly the park has a trail they goes right up into the fence for the facility so yeah, I just wanted to share my experience of the place, I am sorry if anything is incorrect.I hope you enjoyed reading it! :shock: :?
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