End of electromechanical horns

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When did the electromechanical horn era basically end?
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I'd say around the time Siemens stopped manufacturing their own signals around 2008 or so. They seemed to be the last bastion for new electromechanical horns for fire alarm systems. The U-HN-MCS was one of the last electromechanical alarms ever made.

Simplex had switched to the TrueAlert around the late 90s, but I think they still sold the 9219s even if they were deprecated or sunset.

Wheelock seemed to want to ditch electromechanical horns really quickly, as even in the 80s they were trying to sell the EHS series while they still sold the 34(T) and 7002(T). To this day though, Wheelock still manufactures the 31T for general signalling. And today, that's just about the only time you'd see a mechanical horn.
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